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When you see jelly bean road and Saint John's Newfoundland, you don't have to ask why it is called jelly bean row, the houses and the fish sheds along the row come in every bright color. You can imagine they are landmarks in seeing Jones. Now, an artist says some of that vivid spectrum is showing up very far from the east coast capital on the west side of Newfoundland. Robin love has lived there since the late nineties, and she is noticed that people there are painting their houses and fish sheds just like jelly bean row and MS love, spoke with CBC corner, Brook's Jennifer Grundig about this case of by coastal color. For few years ago in Gillam there was some money like historic preservation money for people who had fish sheds to fix them up and repaint them as long as they kept to the traditional colors, which were red and white. Read mainly red with white trim, and the people could only access the money if they stuck to the tradition. So that's when I started to think, well, wait a minute. These aren't really the colors that have traditionally been here. So is there a potential to lose something that's the civic to here just in the effort to make something that's very appealing perhaps to tourists? That became my question. Some people might be hearing this and low. It's pretty colors. Everyone can have pretty colors on their homes. What's the harm in this? But is there anything that you think might be getting lost through this process where people are replicating the jelly bean look from the east coast here on the west coast? You know, I mean, maybe there's no harm and I guess, but potentially, I think there's a sense that the island becomes a bit more homogenized and the west coast of have its own history and its own traditions, and perhaps those could be lost. And just as I said, you know, those colors are so appealing and I completely understand it at the same time. There's so much here that's already extremely appealing. And I would hate to see that get kind of basically a raise, but at the same time, culture is not stagnant so changes are made. And this just might be another one. Speaking with Jennifer graphic about why colorfully painted houses on the west coast of Newfoundland, maybe infringing on Saint John's jelly bean row..

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