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Rain down. On number. The trade organization in their goal ultimately to increase countries market share. And I think that's the first purpose. Their work show is definitely set the tone with Brian opening the show like. What makes you country or just like any anyone could be country today? And whatever thrown out you is country a quick reminder of that opener. So Luke, Bryan performed Luke combs was out there. Lindsey L. Ashley mcbride. Chris Janson Christians. Right. So Christianity is dude who I think has been skating by on being dude who's not like the other dudes. But actually, in fact is like nine times more like the other dudes, then he presents because he has slightly longer hair. Exactly. No. It's it's honestly. Four haircut. He has a drink is perfect though. I miss you. It's not it's not better than buy me a boat as good by me. Russia is so agreed Asli bad that it cancels out anything else. He could've don't this agree with that? If you watch C span during the Republican convention. Oh. He redid he wrote truck yet for Tim McGraw any performed at the convention with the lyric Trump. Yeah, we're not serious. Gotta go. On C span. That's deep. Oh my God. Really? Are you doing? Are you punking us? Oh my gosh. I had no idea. I've just proved my point even more than I anticipated my. Hey, everybody puts one time like this. Everybody in this place..

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