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In america that's a separate question we never got to that i m madda jon tester for launching and if johnny isakson was involved in it i've been watching the media dance around they're saying johnny it comes on on board i haven't seen him anywhere say he was on board with that two pages of allegations of you philip you know i think it staff have indicated that he was on board but he's been quiet about it he certainly hasn't objected publicly to the allegations he hasn't come forward and said that that was inappropriate for tests or that he doesn't stand by that release and it was said by the staff to have them privately blessed by but there's a lot there are a lot of questions about those allegations that were put forward and that you page summary by senator tester in the democratic committee the democratic staff rather if the veterans affairs committee a lotta validations are not proven yet they're they're my reporter colleagues at the post to found no evidence for example that jackson crashed the government car while intoxicated which is one of the most explosive that's that's a career destroying thing i must say i was i talked to jake tapper this weekend about his great new book the hellfire club and it's all about mccarthyism i have in my hand a list of fifty four names of people who are communist in the state department why have in my hand a list of two pages of allegations made by his former colleagues in the old days when i was in the reagan white house counsel's office you got the raw f b i file full of stuff full of crap you know i could say i know phil rucker and is soccer bad and and i've always been offended by sock and they would put that in and then the white house counsel would take that up to the senators on the committee but they weren't allowed to take notes they were allowed to read it right so they they had no opportunity to say they got it and then they can decide whether or not to investigate themselves this was just full blown mccarthyism well we'll have to.

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