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And started a surge of him obviously offensively coach Peterson and then you position goes done a great job making sure these young guys and all these new faces and different things going on moving pieces that we have make sure guys are locked in on their on their task and ready make plays and goes on an amazing job you know and just finding what will guys do best putting those situations and to to make big plays and we've seen that the last few weeks and we can look it grow and say you know he just a figure Hades just in that spot even do anything well Carson Wentz just sit right there micro puts together the offense like he basically just send it along with dog but might grow dog is a lot of other responsibilities like dog has to worry about keeping the poles of the scheme which is his greatest you know feet in getting the most out is what is motivating players it can't all be Exynos like a lot of that is my grow he's done a good job and then you look at the other side of the ball and you know grows guy criticized and I yeah I'm kinda coming around that maybe he's a better coach we give him credit for I've always thought Jim for to go for broke I I I crushed them for the Atlanta games I didn't think you should of what's in that spot but that's you know just a difference of opinion but other cnet Jim Schwartz is proving he's good coach and I don't know what else you need to see I know every year it feels like there's a point the seas were everyone's Jim Schwartz fired I don't understand it like Jim Schwartz is a damn good coach and would you wish for tennis players who can play fences play pretty well you will get the eagles defense the last couple weeks it's not a coincidence that you know the pass rush went away when Derrick Barnett went out and dirt poor ninety does always put up big numbers guy he's a factor out there and he's made himself known the last two weeks and getting him back has been huge and and Schwartz with quarters were rotating in and out you lose Darby and you lose mills you lose Matix around their plane was were sold Douglas and Sidney Jones and will block on they find a way to get it done and I give Schwartz a lot of credit he had a game plan in this game which was where it was very similar to the game plan last week against out was we are not going to let Z. Kelly beers we're not gonna let's say one beats and yet se Kwan broke off one long one but other cnet deals that have great job on both those guys and he came after Daniel Jones and he came after more game and it was the right approach and you know for for two guys in growing Schwartz who have taken a ton of criticism they also deserve credit when their units before and they've played very very well over the last couple weeks eight eight seven two nine nine four nine four I'm Tom Kelly still you guys on hold will get right to the phones when we get back as we look back on this season eagles twenty nineteen notice he's division champs after being the giants on Sunday and now we'll go ahead two way match up Sunday afternoon four forty NBC al al when Chris on the call as the eagles as the Seahawks I'm Tom Kelly for Big Daddy sportsradio ninety four W. what geico presents a book another voice mail from your roommate Hey I got some bad news someone broke into her apartment and they took your TV on your.

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