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I just think Choco tacos are just way more fun than the drumstick but the they're very much the same thing if you think about the different is shown it's ice cream it's chocolate it's crunchies it's got a little bit of chocolate coating crunchies as well as nuts word bits and pieces that are crunchy six five one six four one one oh seven one I mean let's just fight about which is the best ice cream treat let's go to the phones Meghan's on the line hi Meghan this hello magazine what is the best ice cream treat I wrote for the entire restaurant called it a dell so the concert in across here okay they're going to be there in particular are they're like little foam and high and the last one correct Sir you think you Meghan Meghan games this system and she just found an entire store store fronts to call her favorite ice cream treat fine I'm not gonna judge that because that is her I'm not judging it I'm just saying like if that's gaming the system to because that's not involve favorite it's like I'm just saying okay let's go to you did I say I will say you did say the freezer aisle I did team is on the line hello Tina what is the best ice cream treat clap hands down a good old fashioned fudge a coal fudge factory no when you say fudge the call like you're though those are the.

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