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Basically the true rittenhouse story in the guys like no no that's been done that's been overdone i want something new and fresh and as they're you know basically being backed into a corner in walks heidi lamar oh she's beautiful the jig they got players gorgeous and so she wants her script rewritten in the the studio head is of course of course of course in lucy phones all over her and she's like yeah you know you just have to stand there and look stupid lucy's like cause for those that don't know head of the mar was genus an absolute genius which we're gonna get into so they all get introduced and we find out that they're going to a party that night at beverly house which is william randolph hearst's beverly hills home so our trio decides sneak into this party and this is after or i should say back up as we're all leaving the office basically somebody bersin in they're like oh archaic number forget what it was arcade know of anyone there you are to anyone mirko nor yeah they go are uhhuh at another way to eighty one is missing and we come to find out our ko to eighty one is the codename for citizen kane which we get a little they write a little history on that i don't know if it's entirely true but basically citizen kane is a don't wanna say parody but that's the best could come up with right now of william randolph hearst and his life specifically citizen kane is supposedly william randolph hearst in basically all the bad things that he's done in his portrayal of him and so the film conveniently goes missing and we find out that hirst would do anything to stop that film from being put out so it's like okay well what is hearst the rittenhouse agent we still don't they still don't know who rittenhouse agent is so we all decide we're going to hearst for the party we break into the the costume department we pick out clothes because that's what they do now they don't have a stock of close the steel close which kinda like and just a fun fact trivia here lucy emerges in a gallon that was very similar if not the same which was worn by catherine.

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