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Qatar burst of doing is jackie chan's you see sean doesn't like every movie that's talk aegina right now right then so be so t it and this is a this is a young adult family drama twelve year old girl with an autistic mother and and a glorified book guardian play by offer woodard uh decide that runs away crosscountry to find out about her father it must problems does he have turns out quite a lot and this is this is one of the this is a weird sort of move because it starts off as being sort of you know a in pleasant happy 12yearold adventure and then it goes really dark really quick in some didn't work to well but didn't we didn't work very well uh it is the final final one of the final movies for john heard who uh who died in july that's right uh so that people on the on the show this would soon tune and a half for that when that's playing at a few theaters now let's get to the to the like yes marshall you'll start the us our with marshall this is this is the story of thurgood marshall the crusading a lawyer for the nwpp haider's came a supreme court justice i just can't see josh gad playing thurgood worship mind don't it doesn't sacirbey i know you still he's he's good he's good he's not that good of a this is this is his days before he became a supreme court justice before he argued brown of brown versus board of education before the supreme court uh he he he was the nwc peas only lawyer and he basically travelled around the country defending client defending african americans who were on trial for no reason other than being black was he the first he was the first black supreme court joe he was the first african american under on the springboard yes but that's that's twenty years after this okay this is forty 1941 he is called up to bridgeport connecticut where a black shirt for play by sterling k brown who just won the emmy for this is us oh yeah he he's been accused of raping his employers wife laid by kate hudson bridge socialite person uh and so marshall has to get a local attorney to sort of vouch for him and he finds josh gad's character and friedman who was very reluctant to.

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