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For him in a heartbeat. I voted for him. Last time. I'll vote for him this time. Yes, I'm looking for him to run in 2024. I did not think that he would announce 2024 run today I feel is premature. He's testing the waters. Mr. Trump repeated his false claim that he was the real winner of November's election. The Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi. He has had a Corona virus vaccine shots of the start of the second phase of India's vaccination campaign from today, the over sixties and people over 45 with medical conditions. We'll be able to get their first shot, but many remain reluctant. Health care workers in the Ivory Coast City of Abby John will get covert vaccinations today is the first national rollout of the U. N backed Kovacs program, the global vaccine sharing initiative. Lemme grimly reports Cave axes, the biggest vaccine procurement plan in human history, but it's struggled in the international scramble for vaccines. And his face criticism for being too slow to start its rollout. Some countries have looked elsewhere in the interim to boost supplies through bilateral deals. The World Health Organization describe the rollout as an important first step towards achieving vaccine equity. But it added it was still only the beginning. Well. News from the BBC. New Zealand Prime Minister Justin Gerard done has urged people to inform on covert restriction rule breakers. Miss Arden said some people involved in the latest outbreak that pushed the city of Oakland back into lockdown had ignored clear instructions to remain in isolation. Hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the court in Hong Kong, where 47 pro democracy activists, a juicer face charges of conspiracy to commit subversion. The charges related to an unofficial primary poll last year, the name to select opposition candidates for a legislative election. The Hong Kong authorities say the primary was a plan to overthrow the government. France's former president Nicolas Sarkozy is due to learn the verdict today in his trial on corruption charges President from 2000 and seven until 2012 Mrs Sarkozy is accused of offering a judge a plum job in return for inside information on an investigation into his campaign finances. Road movie Nomad Land, has won. The best drummer awarded the Golden Globes. Chloe Joe, who made the film also won best director, his hope, along with the highlights. Nomad Nomad Land. The story of the woman's journey.

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