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Whatever. But something like that. It gets the bonus the Sacramento, a team that has a mandate to make the postseason have some balance on that roster, Halliburton. That recent four game stretch he had Ryan with a box. Oh my God. He was unbelievable. He had like a hundred plus touches per game. He was dominant for Sacramento, granted they were still dropping games. But something like that is one that I'm into. How about if you want to trade wait, wait, wait, wait, we got to stay out. Is sabonis the best piece in this trade or where are you with this a bonus thing? Okay, do you think a lot of people love sabonis? Do you think there's some anti sabonis? There's anti sebast people. There are. I've talked to some NBA. They complain about how he holds the ball. Like he doesn't whip the ball. It doesn't make quick decisions that he stagnates the offense. He certainly can't be your one. And you're gonna make sure you keep him involved because he's still a little old school and some of that stuff. I think brogden does a really good job on his drives. His brogden drives is one of the weirdest players I've ever watched. You're like, oh, there he is, again, at the rim, past everybody. I don't know how he got there, but he did. And then, you know, sabonis comes over off the help. The fox thing I feel guilty like giving, I feel like fox is Colin Sexton, but cooler. You know, sometimes I worry where I'll be like, all right, this guy can do some things. Look at 8 35 the other night. Oh, a triple double. This is cool. And you're like, out of team loses all the time. And Darren Fox at the end of games, I don't know how many seasons, but this season, I don't know what the latest numbers were, but at one point this year, the numbers were absolutely atrocious on some of his finishing moments in there. I almost like that deal better from Sacramento if you keep lever. I'm just not a lavera guy. I'm sorry. He's okay. All right. Okay, give me your Utah one. How about, let's say you tell one of the trades some offense for a better defender. Just to throw this back to the then playing some more small ball. Boy on bogdanovic for Jeremy grant. And again, just a baseline of a deal, probably adding something else in that. Because grant can provide some offense for you and not in the same way Bogdanovich provides knockdown shooting, but he's a far superior defender. He could play him at the four next to go bare or Whiteside. You can maybe even play a little bit of small ball 5 with him and that to me is the intriguing thing for you ty and another guy to think about maybe fat young. Cheaper option for Utah. But if I'm the jazz, my priority between now and the deadline is finding somebody who can give me another strong option with those non go bare minutes 'cause it's not always gonna be white side. If you have to rely on Whiteside and certain playoff series, I think you're in trouble. So I'm the grand that he has not been bad. But in a postseason series, you've got to have an option out there to go with a four and a 5 who have versatility. Wow, that's a really good one. Really good one, because I got to think about it. And I was not the biggest Jeremy grant guy, I thought it was actually pretty overrated. And then he got to Detroit. And then let him take 20 shots of game. But you did, I mean, to be fair, it wasn't just the stats. You saw a rounding outness to his offensive game that he just hadn't experienced before because he was never really allowed to do it. I don't love that he could just disappear rebounding wise for some stretches, but it would feel like Utah would just have a completely different flexibility thing there, although I'd be a little worried about they used McDonald's again in some of the bigger bodied wing match ups and they just shoot the hell out of the ball. I'd almost be like, I don't know. He's pretty good. Yeah. He doesn't give him. He's very important. They use him so much off screens and handoffs on offense. He's the guy that went, it's not working with Mitchell and Conley. He's an outlet for them. Run it by age. Yeah. Shoot him a text. That's your guy. Anything. All right. I have two quick ones for you. Charlotte, who how about borrego the other night mentioned lamella and miles bridges in the comeback against Denver, but you could see, honestly, if they had a serviceable big, Charlotte's a completely different team. I mean, they're trying with plumley. You know, there's a couple other guys that run out there. What if they did PJ Washington because they're going to make a financial decision on PJ and miles bridges. I don't think they're going to be able to do both. You throw in Kai Jones and then plummeting to make the money work for miles Turner. But you'd have to hope that the pacers like Kai Jones or maybe they counter and say book night and then they go, you know what? We're getting rid of sabonis. PJ Washington is a nice player. The fluctuation there is a little weird with that, but he can shoot the hell out of a ball for the guy that size. Give me your thoughts on that. I mean, I would love miles Turner with lamella. That would be a fun, pick and roll pairing, having him also protect the ram on the defensive end. That'd be fun with Indiana. You said they would have to like Kai Jones. I wonder how much can they get for miles Turner? I don't think it's that great. Honestly, dude, we know a lot of people love him. He's been available for like three fucking years. Teams don't love Turner. They don't. And I mean, you know, look, everybody's available to a certain degree. I've heard Turner's name come up like, oh, you know, we kicked the tires on this, you know, whatever. Real stuff other than, oh yeah, we would take a call on anybody. Okay, let's just do a dumb one then. I thought two real ones, whatever. We'll keep it at the Charlotte, try to figure out a way to get it big. I always mess around with trying to trace the outcome. And is there any I see, here's the thing. If you were to ever try.

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