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Received a very nice congratulatory call from the president shortly before heading over here and saw his remarks that he made at the White House. And I think he like every American is and should be proud of the unbelievable work that was done not just by the FBI. But by all of our law enforcement partners across multiple states in this. I think Commissioner Neil said it. Well, the partnerships that exist in the law enforcement profession right now in this country. Are extraordinary are better than they've ever been. And it's exactly what the doctor ordered for this country at this time. Wrapping it up there. Again, the department of Justice giving an update on what has been arrested was made earlier today in this series of bombs that were mailed through throughout the country, basically at least one in. At least one in California. Although we have found out that they are looking into a suspicious package in south Sacramento. CNN also reported that they were looking at a package in Burlingame that may have been addressed to Tom Steyer. The biggest piece of information that came out of this press conference is that I drank Christopher Ray says that the more than a dozen pipebombs sent to these people were not hoax devices says each of the pipebombs contain materials that could react and cause a potential explosion. So that is the big takeaway that these things were exposed to certain heat or friction that they would have been operable. They would have done something, right? May not have been the biggest. But definitely I mean a bomb is a bomb. So that's that was an interesting way to put it because I thought it was it was very clear. The other thing is and the reporters were trying to ask you know, we're trying to obviously drill down on. This guy's motivation was doing this on behalf. Half of the president in his mind. Or on behalf of conservatives are on behalf of Republicans. And thankfully, the investigator said, you know, we don't give a damn we don't that's not why we do this. It's not obviously that's going to be part of the investigation is to the this guy's motivation. But that doesn't change how we handle this case one iota. You know, it's nuts though, is this guy does look to be like the number one fan of the president. You know, everyone was talking about like, oh, it's it's early to say that this is a Trump supporter. This guy looks to be like the number one Trump supporter. I if you just look at his van, it's he faces fifty eight years in prison. He's been charged with five crimes, including the legal mailing of explosives, and you gotta believe they're gonna throw the bucket this guy. Yeah. And then the FBI has said, or at least been telling CNN that the fingerprint possibly DNA have tied him to these package bombs that I mean, you could get DNA from simple skin transfer. It could been if those are Lickochops stamps. You know, you could do that even if it was an adhesive stampede. It could potentially leave some skin cells on the backs of those stamps, whatever's in the package, whatever's in that bomb, etc. So plenty of different ways, they could attach they could find this guy. But they said that the fingerprint specifically was one of the big keys and leading them to him. All right. Gary and Shannon with your chance at a thousand dollars right now. Your shot.

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