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Washington, it's not lying. It's just not opening your mouth. But I still love telling each other. That didn't bother me that he misled the old mis rebels. The funniest thing is you were telling that story. I believe in his presence at a golf tournament a few years ago. He was like, oh yeah, that's true. All of it. The truth comes out. Paul, how was your Thanksgiving? What are you? Considering things that you usually like to eat. I wonder what you eat on Thanksgiving. What do you have? I'm going to sound like every other guest on the fine bomb. Just the usual. As in like, as in like a shrimp cocktail and what happened at I know you weren't home. No, yeah, we went to the Mackey inside. Got to see my family in Atlanta and then we went to the Rutledge side yesterday and I think the Rutledge Thanksgiving is still going on. So there's more than happening today. Yeah, we were in Coleman, Alabama. Did the people of common Alabama realize that you were there yesterday? They would not care about me, but they might care more about Reese though at this point. Reese was there too, and so is their prince charming Josh. Josh Rutledge was there back home. Welcome to he is kind of like the big deal there. Yeah. The pride of high school, college. Yeah, it's weird, though, because Channing Tatum is apparently from cold and Alabama too. So I think it was slight battle here. Well, I don't want to say the second most famous because famous actor that went to my high school and they came out with an article once about the two most famous people and I came in second. I was a little bit hurt. Yeah, how dare they? You're the most famous person really anywhere. In fact, you know, I've got to tell you, I don't know how familiar you are with TikTok, but I've dabbled a little bit in TikTok. Guys, how are you? You're not talking to your grandfather here. I mean close. The chicken wants you to pay attention, okay? Laura forgot that we did a TikTok thing together. Well, we did. So actually, I have no idea. Get on TikTok. Well, here's what I would tell you. You guys will totally back me up here. Paul is probably the most requested on TikTok. So we actually did one without you last week and everybody said well, where's Paul? Well, sure. So, you know, I think we're gonna do another one today. I'm gonna incorporate the chicken. So tune in to TikTok to find out what it's all about. The reality is I'm worried that Tim Cook is going to get in the way of my TikTok with you. Because he's probably going to show up and you'll be all conflict with Apple. I don't know. Apple owns all the apps. Yeah, we should ask him. That would be a good old line. Hey, how do you know? Yeah, well, I was thinking about the last time we saw him. It was when we were riding in that bus to a dinner and he was in the bus with us. And we were all asking him what he thought the best product was and he said the air buds. I told him I'd been in the Apple store the day before in New York and I saw the price..

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