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Kevin Dave into the stop and shop strike and patience is growing thin to get back to where we have. We don't have time for the we need to get back to work as grocery employee's. Walk round and round chanting in front of the south bay stores. Doors say you say some customers walk right through the line go by their confrontations between customers strikers, former vice president Joe Biden joins the picketers tomorrow in Boston video on the case. Patriots owner Robert Kraft will not be released for now shortly after Palm Beach officials said they intended to release the undercover video of Florida judge issued a temporary order stopping the release a hearing has been set for April twenty ninth at that time. The judge is expected to make a funnel decision Robert Kraft and other defendants in the case have been trying to get the video sealed. Poem. Beach officials have said the release of the video is required. Under Florida's open records law craft faces two charges of solicitation, Steve Futterman, CBS news. He has pleaded not guilty in Boston to alarm fire damages a house on del for street and roslindale ten people displaced one person taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The damage estimated that four hundred thousand dollars the cause being investigated. A busy day for Gloucester firefighters to multifamily house. Fires a certain street blaze tonight displacing two families earlier in the day school St. Blaise displacing three families. No one hurt 'cause under investigation..

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