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If we hadn't spent several months having him beaten Hansman talent, the bludgeoned brothers were made to be a hundred times better because they got several weeks of beating enhancement talent. And I don't think that it's just monsters the benefit from that. I think we could bring out an e c three and have him fighting handsome talent. I think you could have the same match that heavy machinery head except have them go against enhancement talent. And therefore, you don't have to, you know, have one of your regular every show tag teams lose yet. You know, eventually you want them to beat a name tag team. But on TV for their first match gave him unenhanced talent match. You know, you have female hands down. And they've done it before. It's been here and there, but I do think that enhancement talent should be utilized more. I do think that there are tips to telling the stories of characters that they did back in nineteen Ninety-two that maybe WWE should think about incorporating a little bit more. But. I mean to not just sit there and go like, we're pretty it's pretty cool that we get to sit there on a Monday night and take for granted the fact that we get to watch Seth Rollins and drew McIntyre just bust their ass for us and. You know, I don't I don't think that it wastes it, you know, I'm not mad at watching them wrestle again. At some point. You know, they usually the story. It's all about the story that is told in getting us there. We can you can watch the same match multiple times as long as number one. The match is good. And number two the story that gets us to each match keeps us interested. You know, Seth Rollins and dolph Ziglar. Wrestled over and over again over the summer, but the matches were so good. And there was enough going on that I stayed interested in all of it. Whether it was on pay per view, whether it was on raw, and we also know that there is an expectation when you say that Seth rounds and drew McIntyre going to have a match on raw there's a million ways that could go when we say that match is going to happen on pay per view. There is a different expectation for the match and more often than not the match ends up being a lot different on pay per view than it was on TV. But I mean, I was shocked at how many people I felt like we're starting to make the argument that superstars in ninety two was a better TV show than raw in twenty nine thousand nine. I'm happy to continue to have that conversation though. Because it's it's interesting to me the that would be an argument to gets made. Speaking of great shows, let's talk about takeover takeover is happening Saturday night. Phoenix WWE network. I will be there alongside Pat McAfee and Charlie Caruso for the St. takeover Phoenix pre show, which I'm I the fact that I get to be even a tiny part of these annex takeover shows is one of the coolest things in the world. You know, the the takeover shows I got to sit on the panel of every next takeover pre show in two thousand eighteen and twenty eighteen was for me. As far as years, go. The best collective year of takeovers that annexed he has ever had. I mean, just amazing show after amazing show after amazing show. And I don't see any reason why that trend would not continue. So it really is amazing. To sit on that panel on one side, Pat, McAfee and Charlie Caruso. But let's talk about what this card looks like. Of course, the NFC championship match is Tomasz. Oh, ciampa versus Alastair black. This is the one we've been waiting for Alastair black was slowed down. In his progress to regain the championship from tomato ciampa when Johnny Gargano jumped him in the parking lot..

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