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Here's your host Mike Miller on KOMO wax I. Will fully we'll talk to you I cannot I have had trouble all morning with the word willful woeful willful wolf, will full Football I see heavier PGA had, on I. Do how did you get another caller because you have, that, Greg I have this and I have a shirt that kind of matches. It what did you? Bring, Greg and I zoom air Air good stories stories stories we want some. Souvenirs mail I'm sorry? Tina, for us or anything Ball and get a. Free autograph, glove but that didn't happen So. You didn't bring us anything I didn't bring you just memories I can tell you all, kinds of great stories Oh Oh. Yeah Great yeah so, as enjoyable it was wonderful Grindr for great people there all the way around from the volunteers to the fans, were awesome and it was just it was a great. Time tip the parking scenario is a. Little, weird well you only had, one exit which is just the way bell Rivas I don't know where you would put the another exit that all those buses, could use but they had two hundred buses the day. On Friday when, it rained when, we left there were buses lined up all the way from Bellary all the way to one forty-one download deer road all. The way, and so, I, mean yeah it was. Crowded leaving and that was that was kind of, a pain but I don't know what else you. Could do so what kind of buses worthy? School buses they were nice coaches like wall teams travel. On that if you take, a tour those kind of and they, must've been I saw license plates on them. From Pennsylvania so all must've been like every bus in. The, midwest And so I mean yeah it was crowded, leaving it was crowded there but that's what. Happens when you have a big event like that right Sounds, like fun it was great well thanks for sharing my pleasure anymore. Memories Stories I'll tell you a great okay folks.

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