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Okay so that middle option where you worked minimize infection but Tony. Shut everything down. Which is what you have to limit. The virus has these catch. And that's how long it's GonNa take. Yeah because there's only two ways that life goes back to normal. It's herd immunity or a vaccine and without one of those two things. Everything stays in stasis just like it is now did immunity as we've got enough people who are immune population that the virus can no longer keep sick and this guy says sixty because we need one person passes it onto two point five people in a completely virgin city population of sixty people from noon. It's going to be slightly less than one person you pass onto in the epidemic fights hid. Immunity is do. We need immunity. Well most of us thought this. What will be going from the fist price? Because then it means you can just up your borders garbage locked normally might if you just here and there but you back into a normal. Erie once you've got the the problem is the the cost in human lives to get to it immunity. The flip side is if you not hit immunity you've got the cost and by costuming. Costa's General Seats Economic Costs. Call to the visuals of social disruption. The cost of functioning in society lockdown go into social distance single success. I really challenging since we need. Batra relation of these in goals. And we need bitter discussion than what? We're getting at the moment and bridges back to the dilemma. At the core of this pandemic the economic cost though since the death toll and Tony says the price of flattening the curve. Instead of squashing it could be tens of thousands of.

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