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Participating most days Chinese listless city housing people that are looking for themselves making it very hard for one to easily find love for this city. How trained those to dealers from our hearts since in his daily customs of torture to forget the magic that Amir kiss embargo possess but the day we met we found each other among the rubble of moving bodies and God means to make Earth stance deal for us. It was as if we've known each other for light years. If our souls today demerged heaven must have handpicked us on purpose. Morality was a blur when I got lost in hair site. She managed to hold hard in shaky knees together for the for. She loved the earthquake that took place inside of her for the mere taste of love gives us the feeling of eternity living in the prisons of God's masterpiece they use the soul. It is for those that dive into it with the spirits head. I in those that let their hearts Huggett until the ends of time for love breathes breathing and the heart becomes late headed in the soul. Dance Rhythm with peace and guests to quenches. Thirst with joy for love gives goosebumps an to kiss the body skin and the time to die in order to live and breathe in heavens so to those who are baffled and are constantly rattled by love in those that think it is a little league needs a lifetime to figure out to those that have doubt and see it as a black sheep in those days like it but never seem to be truly devoted to it to those that are crooks steal it at midnight and fake it with crooked smile during the day to those that abuse it by punching the feelings of his devote ts to those that impose on it for their own selfish benefits. Let it go before you drag innocent souls with you. You don't have been Nagai's name you have love in your life don't have do you have in la. La until I came in good time. 'cause like the blunt is has not been face matched to poems at one and I didn't even. I'm not a new concept I it happened. I did not prepare for it but it happens him. I think I got the line right. Mariela to blow when I got lost and I I what what what. What the Lodge Yo. What's up guys? You're still taking in the critical trust with your Maury and we have a clear and try. Yeah yes here is a flame in the studio so croissant so much to talk about guys. Oh you went to Washington DC or year with Jonathan Takas Exchange Program how they talk about DC went to begin. I'm getting flashbacks. Who's on Lake Stories? We don't WANNA hear Morozov. Listen EP feeling bad and the beautiful thing about Washington. Dc Ladies and gentlemen is that you get to perform a very night. And I mean every like these Chouhan slash franchise called busboys and poets. Where they have sessions every night there whether it's an open Mike with a gift featured poet they have slams and all of that. You know got to do workshops with a school with an art. School really focused strictly on your leg. Your Journalism Your Music. All these things you know. So I got to do like a writing workshop with Generalists staff students were studying journalism. Yeah what else are got to perform at the Freedom Day Bri in Washington. Dc So many South Africans. They are giving their living. They're fully yeah like you moved to. Dc from what you experienced. Not Really. It wouldn't help you outgrow like how's The in terms of ads. You could easily easily flourish easily easily. Not as difficult. He's not as difficult as like here in house. Who sought us what Afric- and then in two thousand sixteen this man decided to perform Darod and produce. He's own piece of work. Lots of the madness. This is called speaking from experience and capable Mississippi State Theatre in Pretoria at twenty sixty two flashing. This body of work is Dialect Ted and roads a the things so I did it with a fourty. Male choir and jazz bent. Ed was a bassist Somebody on drums then keyboard and Saxophone. So the production was like one hour twenty five minutes long. If I'm not mistaken delivered nine poems and then we brought it also the Mafia for the Trade Faith Festival in award. Winning team another award. You got poet of the wooden solid. Dean was the was the poll that you want with. It wasn't based poem. Say Hey mega is show coming out. Top five for seven episodes from not mislead you perform episodes and then get up by for seven. I performed a performed seven out of eight episodes. Then a one king of the Mike for one episode Yolande Bezos. He just wreck things. That's that's that's the date you know whether University Gordon. Can you speak about another one? Just beat okay. You are what you spit is a poetry movement where we come together as poets and then I groom them the mentor They come to me there as we can. I like to things with poetry has come through the help I can help. You and have workshops have opened my eggs. We get together. We share poems but what we do at the same time as that. We share poems. And then we get to dissect the poem not to say This was good. This is bad but we also dissect it and say you have included this because it you know intellectually and stuff like that will give each other positive criticism like we we. We building each other. You know yeah so and you speak to the people who are listening who maybe would want to join the to find out about it okay. We have a page on the on the on the facebook things you know so they can hit us up there. You our just spit. They can find us. They will find. The profile. Picture is a microphone. That is Ingrid. Spitting weds there. Yeah but to let people know because of logistical. Meta's is going to change from you. Our just spit to speak child. Wanted Change and it did this. The the name speak child is much more eleven. Don't feel like it throws off people who have been growing with you. No no no no we. We had a conglomeration of Jewish conglomeration elderly work with the team. And then we sit down and we spoke about it in this like. It's it's it's it's it's sounds pro patriotic. You know You know ED gun again. I was the what do they say? change is could And you know we need to grow with the times and and simplify the metro. Yeah because a lot of people are like. Oh that's a mouthful you our to spit and we believe it is quite you know what I mean so I said let's wrestlers simplify. The medicine. See speak child because like it's a movement for the Youth F we as a platform for high school or you're looking at every everyone goes. I have like a seventeen year old that I'm grooming right now. I think to if I'm not mistaken. Yeah Kookaburra loon matter. Matter matter. Matter matter is actually in-studio we have another one of our esther logic. Cowles the exciting in love with the city and clear is one of us and Pisces guys. Talking right yeah. I'm on the Twenty Third Little Sundays. Yeah the thing is what I wanted to do. As I'm having a show on the twenty second of March the launch of my new body of work titled Two Menu so the plan was to release this as my own busy presenter not busy and then to affect logistics and. Meta's not coming together so I had to push it too much. You get what I mean so on the twenty third of February the Union Building from twelve until five am welcoming all kinds of artists to come and jam and then make the busy. Things happen for a gentleman video. He's age. I zero you too. And we're trying to figure it out what's happening and you've got a whole host six year old men sitting in your house columns going get a job. Young beautiful point is how not to be a scary man. Men are very scary especially South African main dish. Yeah doing to ensure that he has good principles and values and it doesn't go down. The Path Window said eligible. South Africa is that Patrick.

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