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Captain Edward Hazel hers. Standing up there. Among the many veterans distant just an outstanding tribute to the men and women who serve our country. So courageously such dedication now into the jet zone down the left wing side and eastern fell down. Lost the puck. Kevin Hayes brings it back to center ice. Jets will get it and cooler Coppell fire it off the left wing glass down behind the hawk net. Puck rides around the far side and east. I've tried to backhanded up the boards and out. Buck deflects instead in front of the hawk net. Passing ahead to Anisimov at center ice to sit her. He's over the jet line down the left wing got away a shot was blocked. He got it back to Anisimov, high slot leaves it there for Dylan's occur surfing the line turns around and fires and that deflects off. But yet and why do the near boards kirwin ice play held it in at the right point to Saad along the right boards. Put it back in the high slot intended for secure that's picked off by Nikolai healers who carries to center ice on the left wing and drives the puck down the glass into the hawk zone. Dolphins. Got it between the circles passes over to Murphy hotline, right wing, spins it ahead to jewel into the jets. But it's chipped off vista. Cajoles stick out of his hand. This is insane. Now, here's taste loose puck hawk line. Right-wing Bank pass ahead cut. You'll open a jet line, right circle. Put it in for and bench reached daring in there and got the stick late on that knocking it away. Ross Lubbock the other way to center ice to cobble the hawk line left wing side drop class Perot factor cop behind the net. Hop around to the right corner checked off the puck by Keith flip it across the rink over Kane. Stick kept at the line by Sharon, the left point, they'll spend it back down in behind the hawk net off the boards. Kief? Got it there. Gustafsen right wing side hawk zone. Head to Krueger. And the Jetsons the right corner hit by puff one puff gave him a break. They're just destroyed him there from the left point. He fires one through the slot off of Grigor. Stick Hayden hitting bodies out there. Keep an eye on that Keith along the left boards hit by Lowery and Hayden finished. His check on the far side of the rink on one of the jets. I believe that's ten of move spun it down into the hawk zone Gusta since got it. All right. I wanna see from John Hayden on a shift to shift basis. That's a great shift by him getting bald and everything at him and lowers slashing hacking as they go off the ice behind the jets net. Chirac got the puck ahead to Kyle CONNER. Looks out over the center ice circle. Taken away by Dylan Strom, the Connor Murphy hawk line. Here's Murphy now back in the hawk zone. Put it over to dalstrom left wing side to center ice at a knock off his stick recovered by debris. Catch us a high sticking in the jets zone that hit him in the mug. And let's see is this going to be a two or four his face is being checked out right now by the linesman and one of the referees. Let's see we get here. Coming over to the bench rate now word from the other referee. Minutes. Two minutes. Admire. That's the word from here land bear. Only two minutes for the Blackhawks. Finish this second period off either tied up or heading into the. Third trade with thirty six seconds. Citgo fueling good power play. One twenty four to go on the clock here at the end of the second period. Check something out the timekeepers bench before they dropped the front door is still open. They want to see what's going on here. They don't have a number or flare. The captain Blake Wheeler coming over here. Prostate through the neutral zone there were several players, and they're going to say that it was Wheeler. Stick to clip Alex debrincat bit of a break for the hawks Wheeler is lethal shorthanded. Faceoff now circle to the right of Connor halibut facing off with little little on the draw the corner Myers fires it off the glass to center ice recovered by Patrick Kane front of the penalty boxes, but it over to Galveston left wing at center ice part of the ventures. He returns it across the rink decanes over the jets line drops it right point to Strom who shouted across the rink this deflects off Gusta since skate to center ice front of the benches. Caves got it there too. Strom jets line Kane over the line right point Myers has lost. His stick came came out with the puck, right circle. Moving across the naked. Fires fire. Got it back in behind that left corner. Now destroy must circle back. Did it break up beside the circle here's debrincat now flipping left point Augusta song to Kane top of the right wing circle. We'll carry into the high slot. Here's Kane now. Thirty eight on the clock. Kane over the left circle the Strom in the slot. Saddam goal and a shoulder. Save me by halibut and the puck deflects up into the protective netting. Why some hesitation there for Patrick Kane rate in the middle of the ice of didn't take that shot elected to move it over to Alex debrincat. I know the canes one of the best pastors. In the league, but that's a prime shooting area. And he's got take that shot. Didn't end up getting a shot on goal. Listen traffic in front of the net. Canes should have just left that one fly. He was right in between the hash marks in front of the net. All loan. I'm withdraw to the right of Hello buck. It's going to be Lowery for the jets against as of the hawks contains wins a destroy on top of.

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