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Five eighty four a barrel on wti that is down two dollars thirty five sets brent crude down down three point eight percent to forty dollars ten twenty sets stocks higher they have been fluctuating as banks of grand saaf said and got round in crude oil jassem p five hundred index up three to twenty four thirty two that to gain of one tenth of one percent dow industrials up forty one a gain of two tenths of one percent nasdaq up fifteen to six d to ninety you're getting also with twotenths of one percent gold now down ten fifty beyond two twelve eighty six to drop of eight tenths of one percent and as we mentioned crude oil down four point eight percent what about washington pan the markets prime belskis chief investment strategist at below capital markets and on daybreak america's this morning he spoke with tom keene think people are still having a really hard time trying to to digest how much how much work actually they're going to be doing with respect to politics because quite frankly a couple of weeks ago we had the headlines of impeachment marco's now two percent and now we've been up since them so i mean what are we doing here so i think what we're doing here is really focusing more on stocks verses trying to focus on all these headlines because it's really fiery ready reports what's happening right press so let's by good companies tom let's get through the summer let's get some things done in washington's move on from there and right now we have got the s p again recapping up three to twenty four thirty two gain near of twotenths of one percent i'm charlie pellett dan it's a bloomberg business flash issue are charlie pellett with a bloomberg business news fast the fed our brought.

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