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I owned the viewers and apology. I've, I've lied on the show yesterday Mark, Paul, Gosling Zack Morris is not half Filipino is happened museum, which is pretty good all things considered, but I got fooled by a Washington Post interview that Mark Gasnier actually did what someone copier and any out of port about his mom being really Phillipi. So thirsty declaim every Filipino. Did you even tried to claim Zack Morris, who died his hair, blond look, less Filipino. If that's what he was Philippino fool me. That's the hardest part about big names today. Number one is Joe flacco Joe flacco with. He's struggled in Cincinnati winning just three of the last nine games, but he threw for three touchdowns and no picks, and we've won the expect to see the same dominant flacco in Cincinnati tonight. But did they play Cincinnati with he through those three touchdowns and no picks? Did they place? Isn't Eddie of that gang? Who did they play in that game? They played the, they played the bad news bills right through they played in that game. No, I don't expect to see a dominant Joe flacco because I've only seen a dominant Joe flacco one month of the last ten years. That is the only time that I've seen a dominant Joe flacco that being said, Joe flacco is on a contract you're every year. Now, did they drafted the first round quarterback behind him? I feel like this is the best we gonna get outta him this year. I went back and looked since the big contract was signed in two thousand twelve. Joe flacco has played seventy six games. Seven. Four of them look, nothing like we saw against the bills. I mean, the guy has been by many metrics, the worst quarterback in the NFL. So do you take a preseason game, which is what week one was to your point and say, actually he's going to put this team over the top because by the way, this team is good. Otherwise they're contender a dark horse contender in some precincts. So maybe it's not the worst season for him, but it's not encouraging yet. The thing about flacco that we have to remember here is these guys don't turn into new people, right? They don't become somebody else. You have an example of a guy like Matt Ryan, who's at a better career than Joe flacco. They start at the same time, Matt Ryan. I think we'd all say was a better quarterback, Matt, Ryan heading credible MVP sees in twenty sixteen. He didn't become a new person. I guess we've seen since then. He was the same guy that he was before. Flacco is giving us enough data points enough observations. He is the guy who he is. Can't he play over his head for the whole season? That's basically the question that we're asking. Yeah, is Lamar Jackson. Enough of a spur right is it is it enough of a fire under him to actually get him to a level that if he doesn't prove if you could get to another level, does that just try? Here's Joe flacco is a guy who has tools that you can win with. He's not very good, but in the right situations, you can do the things you need shown that. Next name is Lavi. I'm Bill Maher Joel ju- revealed on the day damasec podcast. They love you on bail, had a set plan to return to the Steelers until Bill her teammates. Take shots at him publicly last week. Let's listen. I don't know when he comes back. I mean, people are people are chain. He had a, he had a win, tell you. He told me, but I will never say. Is I don't jive me with. I don't know. 'cause you know, I don't know. I knew, but then twenty eight. I didn't know because all this stuff came out after the players have now now that so I assume you know, he's a human being that has. Everybody like you would that make them feel sad toss. I think he hit almost every emotion for happy, right? He was sad. He was upset. He was angry. He was livid all all the bad ones. All that was Pablo what you got. I don't think levian bell intended for the most insight into who situation to come from that interview. There's not seem like this was you know him sending out m Jay z to the Dave damage extra, oh, to finally tell America his side of the story, but we have more info than we had previously..

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