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And they stay to protect their assets and a very committed to remaining. Ken Accuse that a better understanding of the seven different types of evacuee could lead to more effective emergency messaging. That's tailor-made to your particular evacuation tied. The emergency services. Still push hard on. You should leave leave early. It's safer to leave early. Which is absolutely true but the act types works suggests that the emergency services can better target and communicate with people at that stage at the stage of influencing their preparation and planning by identifying their particular interests that beliefs the likely responses. And really recognizing that saying. We know that this is how you feel. These are your motivators. This is perhaps what you can do to better prepare. So it's really saying we understand you. Had you identify the people because I mean I guess that's the trick like had you know ahead of time if someone's going to be a threat denier or worried waiver it's a great question the cf? I in in Victoria is actually being doing work for a couple of years now since we identified the targets in the post season surveys. They've talked to other two thousand people in Victoria and identified the archetype so they're looking at their programs and how people respond to their programs using that data. I've recently finished a large project under the safer together program which recommended that we actually develop an online tool to allow practitioners or householders themselves to establish their archetype. So that's work to be done but yeah hopefully be done on their way to the main evacuation center in Basements Bay will flatmate mobile reception for the first time since the crisis kicked off earlier that morning so we stopped him suddenly making a lot of calls and messages. And the so my mom straightaway and it was bad because it cut out a sin as a cold and all I got through his mom saying you'RE K. Thank God and mazing mom and cut up. And that's like my mom was just thinking some kind of panicked final phone call don't will was able to call it back soon. After and gave a brief update before continuing onto the main evacuation center. Once they arrived they found well equipped and not too crowded. They had the Red Cross disaster welfare and it was a really sex bought and so we had some food and there was some beautiful moments there because I was sitting next to someone and they said have you into the briefing said. Oh no no but I heard this Blah Blah and I said oh. Where do you live? And then they said we're on Lilly pilly as a same and then they said their address sent here actually three houses up for me. It's quite funny. You can know your immediate neighbors but after this we started knowing the Hull Street. So that was quite lovely. So willingly slap may bunket down for the night. I decided to stay in my car that not my flatmate winning these ten. I think it was about ten o'clock at night brushing my teeth and I had this moment. I thought Shit. He's my knees. Haven't even had a drink today in the past at ten o'clock because I was so exhausted and then it's there wasn't my car news. Eight laughing going. I can't believe this. This is just ridiculous. Thank you so much. We'll Hawk for sharing your story so generously with Joel and to inspector Ben Shepard from the hardworking New South Wales Rural Fire Service. Dr King's drawn and photographer Alex Coppell for his audio of the fires. He's instagram sought by the way is really something to behold on the tesha Mitchell. Talk to me on twitter at Natasha. Mitchell and you can catch Joe Werner producer of today's science fiction and the sum of pots. Podcast over on twitter at Joe were in until next week..

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