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Monica and Culver city more at KO opportunity dot com. well getting the all clear from the C. H. P. on it earlier Sigler Amy in Orange County westbound twenty two at valley view all lanes have been reopened there but still looking at some Delaney's meanwhile Sigler continues in Irwindale northbound six oh five near live oak the second lane from the left is blocked there due to a calm down so my cell phone six oh five at Beverly Boulevard getting reports of a collision. if you're headed up into the Hollywood area before you get there north won a one and silver like Boulevard got a fender Bender over to the right shoulder southbound side of the one I want already very heavy coming away from about vine going to be sunny and clear today highs in the sixties to mid seventies should be warmer tomorrow. support for NPR comes from tire rack for the past forty years tire rack has remained committed to helping people find the right tires for their vehicles learn more at tire rack dot com helping drivers fine deliver install and from mind body where wellness and people meet with thousands of fitness classes to find and book in one place studios can join the network and mind body online dot com slash N. P.. you're listening to KCRW this is morning edition there's been a push by some workers in California over the last few years to unionize think uber and lift drivers now governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill giving the go ahead to certain types of child care providers to join a union supporters say the move could encourage more people to go into day care.

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