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You would any of your motion I mean that's it is that simple and that that one line as she says that that became something that is set by a ton of people all the time still yes I mean the the the use of him doing a rewrite is somebody will tell me you're gonna need a longer script your yeah there is there is Carl Gottlieb who who wrote the movie jaws and the jerk with Steve Martin and co author I have to be fair fair to my collaborating partners yeah I hope you have a certain I'm sure will well if you join the projects yeah that's a whole other thing and you're active in the writers guild I'm sure that gets to be an issue as well maybe for another time but for one five eighty eighty eight ten if you have a question about even Carl's life in San Francisco when asked about the committee which was all one of the early comedy groups and and improv troupes and so terrific but quickly Steve in San Francisco higher on KGO hi there good morning guys here's another Steve Fauria I want to say I know Mr godly him as an actor and I didn't know and as a couple of things that you've done I love that your doctor magnets in Johnny dangerously when my favorite comedies he then over charging doctor folks it's thirty is where this don't take place and everything that every procedure he does for Michael Keaton's character usually for his mom in the nineteen eighties prices as it is always at the back of doctor Mack with this one and then into the night a phone that is just filled with cameos at that Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeff Goldblum done by John Landis yeah he plays a federal agent near the end one of to start early continue standing there with another school the other actor writer Jonathan Demme Danny thank you so now we are we are FBI agents one and two is this the was the when the film was being put together when John John was casting all these cameos he is the don Siegel approved play is the thing in the Amy Heckerling plays a waitress in the Russo yes I sent him a memo I said you haven't put me in your movie at this I mean I'm not a director and and then he came up with the scene with the me and Jonathan Demme or were is in the aftermath of this bloody shoot out and and you we have a couple of funny lines a little scene together as really gets its roots Steve that's good knowledge I I didn't I didn't know about those cameos yeah yeah good stuff thanks for the call for one five eighty eighty eight ten with questions for car when we come back let's talk about San Francisco at the time you're coming up all the best the best you're the best years of our lives a hungry hungry I was sure and recall is Rico been too she was still running the hungry I every everybody who's at NY anybody came through there and played and and in the committee we were we were dark on Mondays SO and hungry I was open on Monday so we could go watch you know the first night of every weeks you know every time a new act came into town you go see it and you'll see a big Bob Newhart you'd see of a a as yet untainted Bill Cosby you'd see just wonderful wonderful acts Leweni Bruce most soul wow wow what a golden age of comedy all right all the best yeah book we'll talk more about that also on top of the David because reading on a you're very close to David Crosby wrote that he your autobiography another was a like another biography so much happened to him and have to pay him after he got a organ transplant all the rest will talk about the call got leave here for the hour your calls.

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