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Township just south east of Grand Rapids board who is a strange from his wife said during interviews with investigators this week that he's had a very bad month that he was no longer taking his medication board appeared in court to face charges on Friday. Stephanie Davis WW J NewsRadio nine fifty earlier this week a car slammed into a road commission for Oakland County truck on five it happened again yesterday, a car m fifty nine and Waterford send barrels flying and workers scatter. Craig Bryson with the road commission for Oakland County says lawmakers in Lansing have done all they can now it's up to the individual drivers to start paying attention. I'm not sure that legislatively. There's anything they can do. I mean, we're certainly open if the ideas, but there's nothing in particular that we have come up with the legislature. Could do we just we just want to implore dreamers, you, please? Please. Please. Pay attention when you're in the car. Fortunately, no one was injured in yesterday's incident. Fines and penalties are increased in road construction zones. W w j news time nine oh eight and update, traffic and weather together on the H and keeping an eye on traffic forces. Julie sue. Well, looking through our AAA jam cams. We're not seeing any slowdowns on the major freeways in Ann Arbor near the big house as the wolverines take on the western Michigan Broncos. However, there is a little bit of congestion near the stadium on main street State Street and stadium boulevard continue to keep an eye on the area. Traffic. Volumes are still light six hundred six westbound between seventy five and telegraphic. Traffic is looking good. Also on is six seventy six eastbound between I two seventy five and telegraph on eastbound six hundred six from Dequindre to mound, the right lane is closed until ten pm Sunday night. This isn't a problem area yet, but we may see some backups in that area later on during the day. We'll keep you updated there from the twenty four hour traffic center. I'm Julia morass. Ooh. With w w j NewsRadio.

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