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K. Shame. Gotta have. Right now, pick your president of why linen? Collide, leonard. The only one out of those that I've seen go toe-to-toe when the and beat the Bronx, you know, that Miami LeBron and that he didn't have an unfair advantage. Not K D. I got Steph exactly ally went right at it from the jump. And so, you know, when I see that if I could pair those two together, that's nasty, and you know, with the draft position that we have coming up this year with the young guys, whoever we choose to keep I really relied Hawaii to come back home since call George didn't want to I hope that worked out for you. George go. Why? That's right. Let them feel object. There's nothing small about your business. Your impact on the community has made a huge difference. As thank you during small business month. Dell is offering up to forty five percent off select computers with Intel core processors, plus get a free external hard drive with select PC purchasing. Call eight seven seven buydell speak with a small business. Technology advisor today, they seven seven by Dell for tech advice in one on one partnership. I would say that he had vantage. I think everybody. What's they give it to the lane? Now use tricks to try to get their shots. I don't think he's any different. It may bump guys off on going to the rambler everybody does that. So I would say he's found a way. It's kind of play the game within cheat the rules. I wouldn't say that. Has the Stein? The play might not everybody might like to see what he's been affected. Thank he's been sheeting. All right. You heard Katy he says that and doesn't cheat the game K D, by the way, this K D is so much more comfortable in his own skin. Now, you know, who I you know, who I am. You know, who I this double, you know, who I am K D home different. This yesterday's found. His voice. Acton junior still here with us. A Stephen I'll start with you should other players copy hardens playing style thick. So if they could pull it off, I don't think they can. But if you can why wouldn't you the fact of the matter is is that James harden is just a prolific offensive player we recognize that, but he's also magician. He knows the rule book. He knows how to facilitate things in his favor in terms of drawn fouls and things of that nature him NCP three or absolute experts at that. If you are playing in the NBA, obviously is not the most attractive way to go about doing things, but points are points. Whether they're from the field or from the free throw line point our point. And James harden has proven to be one of the best to have ever done. So in terms of scoring in the National Basketball Association. Why would you not want to emulate him? If you could particularly considering the fact that he's no Skywalker. His athleticism doesn't come. Ooh out at you. It doesn't blow you away his ball handling skills and shooting proud with you know, the way he can shake and bake, and and be evasive with his moods boogie down or you knew we know that. But if you can find a way to draw fouls as beautifully as he goes about doing. So why wouldn't you do it? Stephen a I've introduced everybody to the to a character. Coach Mackey from steady bucket. Correct talked about him a bunch last year and the year before and my daughter now goes to the girls program part of steady buckets coached by coach lefty, who's another great coach there, you know, coach lefty grew up in New York somehow as a Celtics fan coach day. Yeah. You know, coach left. He tells the girls we're not going to try to drive to draw fouls that the point is not if you get a foul fine. But we're not going to do that looking for the foul. We're gonna look to hit shots and make plays. Yes. So this is what I'll say it is smart to manipulate the rules. If you're James harden, and that's. Harden does he's a rules manipulator. I mean, my favorite baseball player. When I was a kid was Ricky Henderson crouch down made the strike zone. This big smart draw walks. I get it. But Ricki Henderson's gonna hit home runs and steal basis to and get on base. Not just by looking for the rest to help to help them. Anderson was a baller as James under pressure. And James harden under pressure is looking for the bailout. That's my beef. I agree with Kevin Durant. It's a smart way to play right up until the game is on the line. The three will tie. You're on the road. You need the win against the best team in. That's only the ever right? You need this win. And you're shooting the three, and you're so worried about sliding under dream onto try to sell a call that you brick the shot because your primary focus was not hitting the shot. That's my with James Horne beef with you is that that ain't the question. The question is should play his copy on and style. Now. He's topless dot on a ladder. Third and second. No, no, no, no, no, no, you can copy. Off until. Portent to draw the foul that hitting the shot you can copy his style. But you the shot number one. I got an offer that definitely wasn't the question. But but anyway, they should players copy hardens. Yeah. You know, he heard you max like I feel like you know, he is he's playing within the rules. And usually when you find a loophole when you find a way to to get through that they're probably gonna make up a rule called the heart and rule, you know, and there's I just I just can't be down with this literally sometimes where I feel like he's not trying to land. He shoots he throws the ball in the air. And he's just you know, I'm a fall I'm gonna fall down. And you can't fight for those calls. You always hear playthrough played through it play through it in. You know, I think he's been incredible. I don't wanna take nothing away from him the SaaS that do go in do go in those assists. The the rebounds is some of the greatest performances I've ever had to watch. But yeah, you cheat. Man, you not a Laker your cheating.

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