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Football, Hariri, South Africa discussed on Dental Leaders Podcast


Running strong. I saw in Stewart's to play. Football play veterans football which is an elite sodas competitive football which. I'll keep doing into my knees or hips or something else gives them the German. I love watching football big things so go to school. Stay strong yeah. What's your favorite place in the world place in the world that Formula Beach Anywhere? My speech doesn't have to the same places. We've done a crab got my son. Muthu Australia about four and a half years ago. So we've been to Australia a couple times now. It gets amazing. Africa not been south we go. We do go back to the same place of a thing about it. But we're review of strata. Have you been this year but few people are moved and life is so much Joel Thinking to myself back where my kids were young. If we would have had the taste of that I think we were Gone Hariri so I go because we love that type of given the choice between going to a beach. We're going skiing people doing this week on a beach. Pass every single one sister. No never been skiing so once in South Africa. I caught that feeding. Let here but then you've all the different people talk about others any one. But that's actually why. I've got the flu stadium because it feels like it's Africa without the crime is trashing places. It's quirky I mean. My son lives in Bonn die. I'M GONNA walk down in Bonn die and if you're in your fifties you feel like where. I'm the oldest person on the on the street. Everyone is in their twenties thirties. Young families and go great vibe is kind of old fashioned. Emma respects is going back a throwback based on the way from everything Geez. It's a long way to go but you stop some way Yeah we went bossing pool stay a couple of days no no just went went through staging won't get now you guys youngest son at keeps saying we're going to go to Singapore so yeah. Well it's been lovely talking to you. Thank you thank you a pleasure. Thanks thanks for sharing. This is dental leaders. The podcast way you get to go one on one with emerging leaders in dentistry your host Heyman Landry and Providence Alan Kay..

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