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Falls in this one we is from my point of view scott new hampshire scott yeah i thanks for taking my call uh river you uh you're the uh waiting for work or sham and i i think what shan we've proven uh spot on on virtually every front in his piece absolutely uh i agree with you wholeheartedly and endless sad thing is i think our our opinions you know in general are colored because were blinded by our love affair with tom brady and and that can go to the craft family as well they you know he was obviously done a lot for their franchise and for their uh uh your for their business down there in foxborough uh uh any and it's a shame that uh the fans can't look past tom and recognize that the guy that they they had in the fall that go with czech groomed in and saw very clearly himself was basically a clone of tom tom brady been like it is you degree displayed to my sumeida point early today that i agree with that if you could go back to say after they won their third super bowl who would you wanna have moving forward right now tom brady of the budget i would say tom brady because brady whose head already established himself as one of the great quarterbacks and football history and we would muddle through with a new coach but from the where we sit right now who who who is more indispensable for the next five years object spellcheck alec think there's there's a debate there yeah we are all well precisely right and abella.

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