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Funding you guys are where you as you. Stay home for kobe. These mother fuckers have to drive over minds the volt talking eighty percent of us. Don't even go boat. These guys drive over minds to do it. Fuck you and your cova better. Not give within six feet of me. I might get the sniffles. Thank god. Dan land mine down small people by these fuckers. They don't shut down in niger. There's no lock lockdowns in niger. They're all driving over land mine. Do you think they give a fuck about the flu. Not at all all year. This most pathetic people. I hate us so much. Cosma that dropped off a pair. Here's assistant Finish and hanover. Through my ira go. We ended up having been conversational. Goldman and duty was like listening to the two of us. She wasn't like cova doesn't exist. Yes i understand. It is real. It doesn't exist. But why are we shutting down the entire country when it's only affecting less than two percent or less than one percent of the entire population. No no was. It just doesn't make sense to a friend of hers. A daughter of a friend of hers Worked out of the hospitals in hamilton. That was being flagged the same. They have no more ed's rooney audition lows in the middle of all that statement google's she's literally taking the our break because there's nothing to do hospital for mike that nuts. That's the point change kit. It makes no sense because they're quarantine so the rest of the hospital can't be overrun. It's not it's physically impossible. They have they have a code word. That's where the covid people in the cova doctors are. The resident hostile is as usual wall. Should be but it isn't you can and i don't understand considering how much it costs to keep a up and running and everything else. Why wouldn't you want people in there. I just don't get it i. I don't know but people refused to go. Look i keep telling people in colusa like this hospitals over i make. It's fucking not. Go there go. Look for yourself known people and the people go. I will listen to the science. Not some guy on youtube. Well this is the science. You're listening to the science just listening to whatever you want to hear. That's better exactly right. That doesn't make it. Sci five god though. That's good that you know. I don't know there's a point where there's so many of us and yet no one can do about it. It's really fucking annoying. Makuto is calling for the third toughening now under can't more wisely snow alive. I don't understand it. 'cause we have no gun stores. I don't know him any personal ill. I just don't understand why the world is doing this. I don't understand why smart people are still playing along when all the evidence is out. Now i'm just. I don't get it i don't get it doesn't make any sense brain less. I've stopped trying to get. It stopped being nice about too but go. Yeah no i. Definitely i just in a customer service part any and all but you know come on when it talks to a real conversation now just fucking retarded for now on when people say to me okay. Well be safe like that's a that's somebody that's the thing now wriggles. Kabc you'd better be talking driving over a fucking mind cold..

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