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The prime minister to resign although it's not known if they'd have enough backing to make a move the bbc understands that police officers investing allegations of child abuse against the late prime minister edward heath feel that they would have sufficient grounds to question him if he was still alive the findings of operation conifer led by wilshire police will be published this morning the girlfriend of the las vegas gunman steven paddocks says that she had no idea he was planning the mess shootings marylou dan lee who's being questioned by the fbi says she knew him as a kind caring and quiet man investigators believe the paddock had been living a secret life building up an arsenal of weapons over decades the high court is due to rule on the case of a terminally ill man whose challenging the more unassisted dying 67yearold no conway a retired lecture of from shropshire has moved in your own disease and is too ill to attend court he argues that the suicide act breaches his human rights the spanish government has were jecht you'd calls my catalunians leader for mediation over the region's demands for independence saying it will not negotiate over something illegal or give in to blackmail carlos push the moment has insisted that the result of the weekend's referendum must be applied figures due out this morning are expected to show a drop in new car sales for the six month in a row the society of motor manufacturers and traders says political and economic uncertainty to blame along with confusion about the future of diesel cars and rail passengers in england a facing travel disruption for the second time this week members of the rmt union at southern merseyrail areva rail northend great anglia a striking for 24 hours over the role of god's and driver only trains thank you is twenty seven minutes to eight the energy price cap is back home in her speech to resume was pretty blunt about the monopolies and vested interests who she said held people back one of the greatest examples she said was the energy industry britain's biggest energy supply is centrica the company that owns british gas an con is that chief executive and is on.

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