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It's <Speech_Male> Thursday October <Speech_Male> eighth I'm Kyle <Speech_Male> Sour Hoffer, and <Speech_Male> here's your local news from <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> the Los Angeles. Times. <Speech_Male> Brought to <Silence> you by audible. <Speech_Male> Today will <Speech_Male> be partly cloudy with <Speech_Male> a high around seventy seven <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> degrees in a low <Silence> <Advertisement> tonight of sixty. <Silence> Our Top story <Speech_Male> La <Speech_Male> County has reported <Speech_Male> its highest daily <Speech_Male> Corona Virus Case <Speech_Male> Count in six weeks <Speech_Male> with more <Speech_Male> than one thousand, six <Speech_Male> hundred cases. Officials <Speech_Male> are unclear <Speech_Male> whether yesterday's <Speech_Male> number signifies <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> a trend or <Speech_Music_Male> if it is a one off <Speech_Male> linked to a backlog <Speech_Male> still <Speech_Male> in recent weeks, the county <Speech_Male> has repeatedly <Speech_Male> reported less than <Speech_Male> eight hundred daily hospitalizations <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> fewer than one thousand <Speech_Male> daily cases. <Speech_Male> The county will <Speech_Male> however face <Speech_Male> attest in its ability <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> to maintain a low infection <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> count. <Speech_Male> Meanwhile in the past <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> ten days now <Speech_Male> salons card <Speech_Male> rooms, breweries, <Speech_Male> wineries, <Speech_Music_Male> malls, and playgrounds <Speech_Male> were approved <Silence> for reopening. <Speech_Male> In <Speech_Male> Education. <Speech_Male> Colleges in California <Speech_Male> tried cautious <Speech_Male> approach <Speech_Male> to resuming classes <Speech_Male> in light of the corona <Speech_Music_Male> virus. But <Speech_Male> despite preparations <Speech_Male> like isolation <Speech_Male> rooms on campus <Speech_Male> capacity limits, <Speech_Male> administrators <Speech_Male> could in control <Speech_Male> thousands of students <Speech_Male> who lived off campus <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> on checked <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> by campus rules <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> and safeguards. These <Speech_Male> students became <Speech_Male> fertile ground for the <Speech_Male> virus, and <Speech_Male> now the outbreaks have <Speech_Male> their own universities <Speech_Male> into crisis mode <Speech_Male> as they scramble <Speech_Male> this Lola viruses <Silence> spread. <Speech_Male> In Entertainment <Speech_Male> News <Speech_Male> California's theme <Speech_Male> parks must remain <Speech_Male> closed for now. <Speech_Male> That's what Governor Gavin <Speech_Male> Newsom said yesterday <Speech_Male> the State <Speech_Male> is among the last states <Speech_Male> to reopen its amusement <Speech_Male> parks. Florida <Speech_Male> began reopening <Speech_Male> them in June while <Speech_Music_Male> Disney parks from Shanghai <Speech_Male> to Paris <Speech_Male> have also opened <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> a guess <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> California's home <Speech_Male> to the most US corona <Speech_Male> virus cases <Speech_Male> but it's far <Speech_Male> from having the most cases <Silence> per capita. <Speech_Male> However, Newsom <Speech_Male> told reporters <Speech_Male> yesterday that the <Speech_Male> state would be led <Speech_Male> by health <Speech_Male> I framework. <Speech_Male> The stance <Speech_Male> has put him at odds <Speech_Male> with some legislators <Speech_Male> and park owners <Speech_Male> Disney Executive <Speech_Male> Chairman Babacar <Speech_Male> stepped down <Speech_Male> from St Reopening <Speech_Male> Task Force last <Speech_Male> week partly <Speech_Male> due to <SpeakerChange> frustration <Speech_Male> over keeping the parks <Speech_Male> close. <Speech_Male> In other <SpeakerChange> news, <Speech_Male> the Nobel Prize <Speech_Male> in Chemistry was <Speech_Male> awarded to two scientists <Speech_Male> yesterday. <Speech_Male> One of them Jennifer <Speech_Male> Dowden <Speech_Male> is a UC Berkeley <Speech_Male> biochemist. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> The other <Speech_Male> Emmanuel chaperone <Speech_Male> Ta is a French <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> scientists. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> The women were awarded <Speech_Male> for their pioneering <Speech_Male> work on gene <Speech_Male> editing tool. <Speech_Male> The method is <Speech_Male> like into an elegant <Speech_Male> pair of molecular <Speech_Male> scissors <Speech_Male> that could, for example, <Speech_Music_Male> allow <Speech_Music_Male> doctors to correct <Speech_Male> the DNA error <Speech_Male> that causes sickle <Speech_Male> cell anemia. <Speech_Male> It's also improve <Speech_Male> plants and livestock <Speech_Male> by viewing <Speech_Male> them with greater disease. <Speech_Male> Resistance <Speech_Male> doctors use <Speech_Male> the tool for the first time <Speech_Male> in the US last <Speech_Male> year to treat cancer <Speech_Male> patients by altering <Speech_Male> the DNA, and <Speech_Male> system sells <Speech_Male> it is <Speech_Male> still too early to say <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> whether the <SpeakerChange> treatment <Speech_Male> will improve their chances <Silence> of survival. <Silence> <SpeakerChange> Finally. <Speech_Male> Fires <Speech_Male> in smoke have close <Speech_Male> Mount Winnie to hikers <Speech_Male> and Inyo national <Speech_Male> forest officials <Speech_Male> announced it would be <Speech_Male> closed until December <Speech_Male> first for <Speech_Male> now permits are required <Speech_Male> a hike the mountain <Speech_Male> through November first <Speech_Male> hikers holding <Speech_Male> permits during the closure <Speech_Male> will receive refunds. <Speech_Male> The owner <Speech_Male> could be lifted sooner <Speech_Male> if conditions change, <Speech_Male> it's been <Speech_Male> a tough year overall <Speech_Male> for hikers hoping <Speech_Male> the scale, the highest peak <Speech_Male> in the lower forty, <Speech_Male> eight states, the <Speech_Male> mountain was closed earlier <Speech_Male> this year because <Speech_Male> of the covid nineteen pandemic <Speech_Male> at then <Speech_Male> closed again in September <Speech_Male> when national forest <Speech_Male> shutdown due to <Speech_Male> fires southern <Speech_Male> California's

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