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As up higher not gonna lie it's very cool and it boosts our egos too as if carry murphy's ego needed anymore boosting but yeah it'd be that'd be awesome when five star reviews command off does wonders for the ego yes would not believe the phone calls like it only five star reviews we got another one you think is jimmy johnson celebrations are bad news of the week you the music keller skele rushed yeah so this as an furniture row this is supposed to be front row i figured that was the case i'm like look at it go on think we know line up at seventy eight and we're done done the champion and that's all but no front row motorsports apparently uh added somebody right yeah michael mcdowell which i thought this was already like done but apparently was just in the rumor mill but i thought it was a done deal will they made a big deal it's a big deal now so david reagan and michael mcdowell will be the headlining drivers their front row motorsports a season and maybe one of those two drivers or maybe both will end on the front row at some point in the season though that particular race team does well at the restrictor play races do they not they do they've definitely had a winning men in the past at those tracks and have shown an ability to get it done and michael mcdowell is no slouch of those tracks and we know d reagan definitely is not either just imagine one of those two wins daytona or talladega and all of a sudden there in the playoffs yeah that i mean that is the thing that has changed tremendously since last time they won one of these things is that a wind gets in the playoffs and that is huge for a team like that mean it's jim that could totally changed the entire outlook of the race team going forward talk about ego boosting ego.

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