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Co founder and president of, dub magazine trendsetting magazine now? It's online, and everything but where, are you now You know, as far as the. Magazine there's all these different niches that. Are kind of, coming back or resurging so car, culture is, kind of like eighties, all over again so. We, have. The, dub magazine. Which is a celebrity automotive lifestyle magazine, and we just launched a new title. Called, Nathan leveled which is custom. Trucks I big trucks and stuff like that so you know as. Far as the magazine business I mean he wanna lose. Money do events. In magazines right exactly that's, that's it, but now I'm a car freak so but. Now people understand what they, have yes thanks to you To be able to go into communities or somewhere in. The mid west and find the beautiful forty eight Chevy pickup. From thousand bucks now they all know what they have right absolutely I, mean you know they realize that when the car manufacturers, made limited productions or. Things like that they know kind of. What the collection, car now so it educated everybody, and that's, really what media does, it educate the consumer, on, kinda. What, what is. That they maybe should do or, not, do and also the price point so. It. Gets you know Definitely get you very smart consumers now go back the midwest Mr. city. Slicker here they, know me Yes well. It's worth fifty People definitely know That How's your attitude as a? CEO what's the? Culture the company while they're CEO's that lead and invite their people on a journey and their CEO's that take people on a journey I'm a person wants to involve everybody on the journey You rely the advice of others or your micromanage I'm a little bit of, both so what I do is I'm a thinker so our take all the, information I get and just just crunchy crunch crunch. But one of the things I'm a problem solver, so as long as there's a solution face issue I could find the, solution and then bring it bring it out today A lot you know, I mean I have two kids and you know they're both in college They're teenagers, married I, got the businesses and things like that partners and thyroid problems Yeah Growing. Up I, mean you, know I was almost legally, binding eleven lost my vision when totally blind in my left eye when I was twenty five when I started magazine and you just get to a point where it's, like you, know like you're here to do. Something I've always kind of had that feeling my whole life kind of figure it. Out? Right Yeah One gentleman told me it's the learning by. Braille so it's like he's seen me hit the wall so many. Times right to figure it out that you, know that's the only way I learned or the left side of the. Door that's. It And you have to be willing to again make mistakes I think the biggest thing is with people that, are control freaks like myself I was really really bad and I changed. That was What I. Realized I can only do so much myself, too if. I got people that are better than me than I can take the credit. For it anyways, and take, some time off that's right How many people they have working for two hundred sixty. Six ninety When you hire them what you look for Pasha why in the past I used, to, look for credentials and, stuff because I wanted to brag like. Oh we got this guy this former executive and this and that and you know what. I realized was I just want people that share the same mindset I want people that are a. Good work ethic, that really believe in whatever we're trying to achieve. But most importantly I. Want people that are knowledgeable in that field I? Wanna hire experts I what about friends and family friends and family I got What a. Higher them no okay I learned that the hardware? Almost everybody Says that why boundaries are. Problem. Why. I think a lot of it is You know when you try to lead the group. There? Has to be some kind of like Aspiration you know they want. To be, in that position friends and family they, should expect to be in that position strength My strength is always really identified my weaknesses But focusing on my strengths so what what I mean by that is..

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