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The way up to the neal tunnel after that kristen eck frei insurance rotor part pike eastbound heavy and slow one twenty eight to route sixteen david strip lino w._b._z. traffic on the threes on the four day w._b._z. accuweather forecast here's meteorologist dean devore here we're going to heat it up today jeff upper eighties to near ninety the humidity is going to start coming up here later today tonight so combine that it's going to be feeling a little little summary here the next twenty four forty eight hours now tomorrow is gonna feel a pretty warm and humid to a lease them morning in the early part of the afternoon eight thunderstorm line is going to come through during the afternoon early evening could contain some strong and gusty thunderstorms damaging wind gusts maybe some hail and certainly some heavier downpours on the other side of that sunday's just not as good it's going to be in the upper seventies some showers may be a rumble of thunder we get back to some nice who stuff on monday back in the low to mid eighties with mostly sunny skies low humidity so we'll keep an eye on the thunderstorms on saturday especially right here on w._b._z. boston's newsradio all right this morning in boston sunshine sixty eight degrees the summer of fun bach honda the number one honda dealer in sales in new england on the auto mile route one in norway come on down good morning seven twenty five at boston's newsradio look at new england business this morning you got sixty five million dollars lying around what you do well we've got a deal for you then martha's vineyard estate of jackie kennedy onassis is now on the market redgate farm three hundred forty acres large the main living space is about sixty five hundred square feet and perfect for entertaining the property has been maintained by caroline kennedy recently who's been overseeing a renovation all but one room is said to have sweeping ocean views state street is going to be paying close to one hundred million dollars to settle up on federal and state accusations that it overcharged clients for nearly two decades state street i came clean with the practice in two thousand fifteen the settlement includes a fine payable to the s._e._c. and also pay back to its clients amounting to about forty eight million dollars which it has already executed also new details in this investigation today fell federal and state regulators say the company also marked up the cost of sending private messages in a secure network that well exceeded.

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