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No kill monger was right wrong you see i would never say these things but someone else would someone jordan peele comedian jordan peele actually produced this video to warn about the future of fake news the technology uses sophisticated artificial intelligence tools able to turn familiar faces even presidents into puppets now there is software that can be purchased and done at home and within a few days you can manufacturer what someone says in a video most people use it for harmless fun like inserting nncholas cage into movies where he doesn't belong but it can be scary stuff recently hackers took parkland high school senior emma gonzales tearing up a gun range target for teen vogue they manipulated to come up with a clip that appeared to show her tearing up the constitution instead justice sort of nefarious use jordan peele and buzzfeed which coproduce the video is warning about moving forward we need to be more vigilant with what we trust from the internet the message here but it's getting harder and harder to trust our eyes and ears abc's david wright komo news time six fifty four time to talk traffic once again with the aaa traffic update here's marina rockinger we have slowdowns northbound i five out of federal way from three twentieth up to the kent des moines road slow off and on through south center northbound i five getting heavier from just south of mid boeing field as you head into downtown seattle northbound five zero nine that's crowded from highlight up to the first avenue south bridge and we also have a shoulder blocked northbound five at highway ninety nine so we are seeing slowdowns northbound four five out of renton up to newcastle and in the everett area just a heads up that the lights are flashing at one twenty three tried to enter i five so treat that as an always stop next komo traffic seventy four traffic.

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