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All things revenue designed so let's get into this what does it really mean to to design your your process four revenue best way to put it is revenue design is really about creating this kind of continuous low right that from the moment would engage with a by all the way through to win it's close one or close loss okay maybe stall yeah with seems to happen a lot of times yeah and it's not just about thinking okay 'cause i've had marketing sales leadership settle say hey i can tell you the steps and they can but they don't put the detail behind the can't tell you how the technology supports it and so the design part is really to get down in detail that in document right right so that you know every step michael those points being really the transition point or the engagement point so it's from the moment they engage with you when they're making decisions meaning the buyers to signing him my going to go forward and we're going to stay back and then when you're transition between when i like to call revenue influencers which is marketing sales and whose handling those things yeah yeah and i think to it sounds to me like there are and this is why you need a design process there are probably a lot of holes where people don't realize that's where things are falling through that's exactly right so i speak a lot do a lotta presentations on behalf marketing automation company specifically and i told him you want to have some fun though into a room bringing some marketing and sales folks maybe you're ops folks itf even technology if not it's okay leave them out and and get a whiteboard in then have each group say here's what happens right and what you're going to see is you start put that together you're going to see the huge gaps where you don't have that information in so it allows you at least at that point to go back in and say oh no i see where legia disengaging disappearing yahoo now i see why.

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