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Now for us to visit with Wendy, then Tarini and Brett McMillan and get the Coca Cola flavor of the race. Let's go down on trackside now first off with Wendy. Good afternoon. Doug. It's good to hear from you guys. It's a beautiful sunny day here at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Here's what I'm most stoked about today's race. The flavor of the race. Is that action that's gonna take place? When that green flag drops. There's a lot of unknowns. But right before I came on the air. I was speaking with Jeff Gordon, and with Darrell Waltrip they were getting ready to do their broadcasts, of course for television, and Jeff Gordon was stoked about this racist. Well, he said, I expect some really great, thanks. He was excited to see. When that green flag drops how this is going to take place with this new package, what kind of pack racing. Who's gonna have the advantage out? There is clean air going to be king. Again. Those kind of questions will be. Answered in just a few short moments of time. We can't wait. But that's the flavor. That's the feel of what's happening and the excitement around the garage area here at Las Vegas now. Let's go over to Brad Gilly. Well, doug. I got to say well, Wendy was talking to DWI, and Jeff Gordon I've been spending some time amongst the race fans and the buzz here at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with a beautiful day. Some nice white puffy clouds in the sky and just the anticipation and the excitement of being here in Las Vegas and everything not only the city has to offer. But what the racetrack has to offer as well. There's a lot of excited. People ready to see what's going to happen over two hundred sixty seven maybe even a few more. If we go into overtime lapse here today at Las Vegas. That's the flavor of the race from the fan side of things. Right. Thanks a lot. There Wendy, then Tarini and Brad Galli with our Coca Cola flavor of the race. How new is new arns vanilla coke? Well, that's something. You'll have find out for yourself, go out and grabbing ice cold new orange vanilla coke. It's new. It's orange. It's vanilla. And it's Justice refreshing is. Every sip of Coca-Cola should be Mark you and I had a chance to try last weekend. In Atlanta, shockingly, good. I really really think they've hit a home run. It was really good. And by the way, speaking of the flavor of the race one thing that I noticed in the garage area this morning. It was quiet. They were super serious. I mean this race is so big with this new package. I believe that the cruise the crew chiefs. They're feeling the pressure. Let's check in now with the first of our rally auto parts pit reporters for some interviews on the day and Brian McMillan. Joy Lagaan news.

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