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Now, you thought the Pittsburgh bullpen would been busy sometimes, but no. You would never thought the Tiger Book Boy how things changed in this game of baseball, 64 game. So we worried about it what Pittsburgh's offense might do after waking up against Tigers pitching yesterday with 17 runs scored. The Tigers went from 12 to second. In run scoring in the American League about that, and that's what happens early in the year. But with the 13 runs allowed, they fell to 14 in runs allowed per game. I have to talk about per game because everybody's played a different number of games strike on the outside corner, Adam Frazier at the plate. Raiser's over to two for six in the game last night. That's another good swing right here. The good short stroke left side. He had the big home run in the ninth inning tied the game at 12. Upright. Relax Stance. Knees slightly flags. The upper body upright is it talks about high over the left shoulder swings in tips to change of foul down the first baseline quickly, no balls and two strikes 64 game. Big run of the stranded third, and it's tough to strand Dyson at third. He'll find some way to get home when he's over at third base with all that speed, Frazer runs well, doesn't ground into many double plays. Theo to slider in the dirt blocked by Grayson Greiner. Behind the Left handed batter, Adam Fraser, one ball and two strikes. Fourth inning, 64 Tigers. It was six nothing. The Tigers It came just the second team in the history of this great game to hit four home runs in the 1st 5 at bats of a game..

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