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Will move onto high playoff. Tickets can continue at the Knicks. It's far too early to be saying to Where the racist could be to replace The races from here but I think the retention is. He'll be an additional rice week. Yeah at this stage. The that's the belief is that the intention is to Find a gap in the calendar and Rachel. The Rice's mistakes would say maybe the possibility of all which results by saint since Victorian. Yeah to replace this one now that And obviously also found to really be speculating about either Tansy or or Hampton downs because Those are two away meetings and We have to work Tasmanian and New Zealand Governor. They're going to do about these events. Yeah look at a guy. That's a decision for the The category And probably governments and people around that sort of thing I guess the ideal scenario would be to For decision to be made before we ended up there but I guess the relevant People Mike. The Rock called the right time. So you'll boys this weekend we will. Yeah we'll behind on a fraud. I not which we'd goes is I mean some of US got some Some of our kids sporting events to attend this weekend and stuff that it'd be nice to To behind for the weekend weather data will be enjoying tomorrow being not being able to get some on cricket match for the the underlying reasons and Voice boys on big deals I got. They got their first hockey game. O Rama and may being high viable applies. Well all right. Well thank you been Kirkman George you and hope you get your chance to play them in New Zealand. We'll catch up with you later in the. Yeah we get down there and We can put on a show for the people down here with Matt Stone He's GonNa disappointment of now packing it all the while. You're getting. Yeah look at this according to come down here and get up and start out on track activities. Just to turnaround got harmed but look at the decisions in the hands of the event and the organizers and obviously Victorian Health So we respecting an abide by their decision I believe the plan is to reschedule the supercars portion of the event for later in the end we will still get out out. Yeah full season of Racing Y- that obviously opens up some some quietly pretty where you know the other tracks can perhaps come back and obviously it's too early in the piece for anyone to be making too much speculation but you know it's it's It's good to be a rescheduled and sort of essentially partnership because obviously the F. One cancelled from God's point of view. Look forward to picking out where we where we are now at a later point in the year and I wonder if it's too cold positions will sit in the record ballitser belonging to stab you. Look I mean from the when the when this event is rescheduled imagined they would start from scratch but as far as statistics sky is IT A. Is it an official Rice Yeah that's it's an interesting point a leave that for someone who cares more about their side of things that I do believe. Point of view you know understand. It's playing it safe here and the the Australian aspect of the The virus obviously not nearly as bad as the European and having an influx of Europeans Has created a bit of a bit of a situation so completely understand it and support. And we'll we'll just keep doing nothing and come back when we come back. Come back later in the year to do this round and hopefully I rising in Taza in a couple of weeks start now. Gary cool a few weeks to get his ankle right. Yeah yeah we planned it all just to forgive coverage on. Yeah look it's it's It's fallen and Gary Actually performs line wasn't in too much pain yesterday on track so we weren't too stressed about it all in terms of his injury but it is good to be outlet that recover properly Before Rolling back in to the next round of Tasmania in a few weeks. The other one could have anything always jake. Of course he made his debut. Yes look I mean Jacob probably feel sorry for him the Mars because he went out there yesterday and it's a format rolling straight into qualifying on day one. I did a fantastic job. In our opinion you know. He came back today having looked at his daughter and his video learnt law and he was ready to go out there and actually have have a crack at it. So it's disappointing for him that that we gonna take him harm By yeah as I said before win win. Supercars portion of this event gets rescheduled. Later in the year. They can jump back into the at and again you got a whole another track and do a whole nother event so is extra extra malls for him which is always a good thing. So we'll take the positives out of it that we you know. We had a good run yesterday with Gary Qualifying and twelve and Jacobson malls around here without without losing a whole rice meaning and we'll take that as as it is and carry on pentecost soldiers. You were founding gemstone smart minimum ratio. He didn't come this weekend. Yeah Oh that that that That monetary is up. Hip Dodger means decided to stay home Yeah he's got a couple of grandchildren a thanks to me now and I think. He sees his children off racing and he goes. He'd rather stay home and play with the next generation so I think he made a very smart coal this weekend by a long time and And we'll be good because now you go to council you actually just driving to the first reading potato. Yeah not not a scratch on him which is always good and not a lot of mileage Like anything will always Bill away from work to do on the cause. Because you know we'll always repairing them. We'll be trying to make them quicker so we'll we'll manage to fill the time problem Behind a couple of days earlier so the more time to think. Oh okay now. You obviously saved up to being a two car team this year. I'm one of the cavs. Are You RUMMY So we're renting super three. This year we ran The Toronto that we built For Jason Gomersall team along with myself we ran out at Adelaide. But that was the what's the word that was the basis of the final run for that around this one song for that that car and that? Tc and program As Jason an NFL team of modes more into super the series three series series this year. So we We do have full program running which is scheduled to debut in two weeks city multiple. Talk Yes at the next at that next round. So we'll We'll keep our preparations going for that and head down there and hopefully Not have some of the The international issues that we've had this weekend being around Racing Tauranga thank you. It's nine and I look forward to hearing that figure rain now ours so with pride joins one of the longtime competitors in this category and obviously great disappointment to have depending food. Yeah I think it's. It's very disappointing I mean obviously Safety of everyone seems Easing in the forefront of people's minds go prequel bryce. Alford by all accounts. Somebody's pulled up. Beat him decided snapping. They wants to at some stage of possibility of running with that crowd. Today obviously decided. That wasn't enough well and You Know Stanley from Subic Perspective. Very interactive with their fans and You know I think it would be a pity one of the things I love about what we do is how how much excess I get to. It would feel. We'd rising ran he a- applying any Being involved in any sport I should imagine not crowd. Yes sorry so It's wearing in uncharted territory with a bitty stuff at the moment so so everyone has a very different opinion about it. And and so in this instance waylaid by the call and so We're taking appointments from them. It's far too early to be talking about. This will be resheduled at some stage down. The right I understand really I. Tones will pick up a full races that I think for them to come back here and do all this again here at I. Another track supercars to get those flights on Though this is variously on We've got a lot of discussion to to to have to work at where we are Yeah so that'll be. Dingy course still sevens flights and We're not much change back. Checking police scoured things like that but otherwise you sort of pretty well radio voice. I have a couple of days Yeah we just sort of working through that now so we Regrouping get ready for the next one committee. You've actually paid at castle. I would struggle to remember one day the truth. I think this is a bit of a a sign of the times unfortunately and You know I don't want to make light of the situation but there's one person it's been diagnosed with controversial bars We CORONA CORONA virus. So I look at it and I find it. You know there will jumped on planes and flying back to Europe. Every drivers flew out. Yeah I told. That's where the disease is rampant. So if you're really worried about your health he stay exactly I. Just I don't understand that I I don't I'm not making light of the virus so any of that sort of stopped can't help but you know what some people are thinking. And and at the end of the day I one of the great things about a strategies would be removed from all these maybe. Nobody contained to a certain extent for the moment. So you know we just need to be aware of what's right for our fans and L. Employees and make the right choices on the light. Thanks Brian we look forward to receive. 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