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Shit but I chuckled at that. So I I give this movie one point for that. So congratulations so Batman arrives at the scene. Superman immediately realizes. Hey you're the guy who got me killed. picks them up a Threats to kill him in his British accent. I don't know if anyone else notices that. He slips accents there and this is when Batman calls in for the big gun and lowest shows up so I in in a they wanted the audience and not shows up in a May back. A maybach Bruce. A super rich her getting out of the car and I'm like Oh they must've sponsored just center of the screen it says you know. Maybach couldn't couldn't have just gone with a taxi. Attacked her in. So Superman sees lois and throws the Empty Batman pseudo aside and he goes to lowest picks up and flies back to Smallville while this is going on the Justice League forgets that the mother box just totally left alone here and Steppenwolf this of stuff stars upon I go. I'll take this and and yep see later. And then he just by an expert mother box by so he just he screws off to wherever he's going to go and the rest of the League like. Oh man probably should've kept an eye on that that off so now the the Justice League get together. They realized that they are. They're kind of screwed Superman's in the wind. But they realize cyborgs able to pinpoint where they're going and it's to a Russian town where Steppenwolf is prepared to unite three boxes to call in apocalypse. Yeah so go the what I wanted to say with the and it goes back to again another three minutes seen or that they could have put in a movie. Is I know. They wanted to reveal of lowest but so obvious who who he means. Yeah like just have the scene. Like have have bruce going to explain to lois. What is planning and like like as she steps out of the car. Flashback for you know what already you went. It would've made more sense if this was the first time we see Lois Lane in the movie because we already established that. She's in that we're never going to see her again. Come on we know. That's not so it would have been cool like you said maybe Bruce Kinda goes to to lowest and he says you don't even have to explain the plan just like he knocks on the door. She answers it and he goes. I WanNa talk to you about something and then cut away so I mean just so. We know that he's not just doing it to be selfish. He's got the okay of Lois. Lane. I'm thinking you know as someone who's watch lot of movie you could even do. You know she steps out of the car. Do Quick. Flashback knocking on the door. Him saying I talked to you about something. Can I come in explained? And then just have a quick sentence of her going. Are you sure a? You'RE GONNA come back fine with all the stuff that you know. Diana said Diana's basically said Olo lines by the way in this explanation You know sure it's GonNa come back..

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