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Terrible. Herbal conditions like diabetes heart disease and virginity not to mention cancer but that's just the beginning of it. There is literally nothing. Being overweight does not make worse eyesight memory pain fatigue depression. You don't poop right it. Weakens your immune system. We scream it congress to find a way to pay for medical bills but it wouldn't be nearly the issue is if people just didn't eat like assholes the who are killing not only themselves but the planet the amazon fires are because was farmers there are burning down the rain forest to make room for future hamburgers and so i did because here in america we look at fried chicken and think that's a good start now. Put it on a bun and add bacon and cheese and something don't even thought to put on it. Make mouth com. What's elizabeth warren's plan for that. Europe doesn't look like this because europe's not always eating for two we weren't it always like this watching the footage of the fiftieth anniversary of apollo eleven. I was struck by how not fat everyone in the crowd. Was we look like a completely different race of people now. Look at us. We wear shirts that our ancestors could've used as a sale the one hundred years ago. This guy was fat enough to be the fat man in the circus now now. He's a guy people know. I'm speaking the truth after all isn't that why you're tinder picture is three years old. Ken fat be beautiful. That's in the eye of the beholder but healthy no that science. I know this is a this is a controversial thing into say now. In today's america but being fat is a bad thing we shouldn't taunt people about it and overeating should be singled out as the only vice. It's not we all have something but there's no smoking acceptance or drunk acceptance. When i drank too much yes sometimes someone would say to me. You know that's that's not great for your health bill. Maybe you should slow down a little. You went kinda hard last night and i would say yeah. I know i'm going to start next week and then of course i wouldn't but i didn't say how dare you drink jamie. Being blotto is beautiful didn't say that i was focusing on the road food. When did it become taboo. In this country to talk about getting healthy weight watchers had to literally take the words weight and and watchers. I'm not getting out of their name. It's now w._w. Because merely the idea of watching your weight is now bullying. What's next banning scales. Hey liberals. You know how you hate it. When conservatives won't even let the c._d._c. Study gun violence as a public health issue. This this is that you are the n._r._a. Of mayonnaise we have gone to this weird place. Where fat is good. It's pointing out. That fat is unhealthy. That's what's bad fat chaim. No we fit chain really when you hear it all the time. Someone sees a merely trim person. You should eat something. No you should not eat some. It should be more unhealthy so you can feel better about your fat ass. In august fifty. Three americans died from mass shootings terrible right. You know how many died from obesity forty thousand and fat shaming doesn't need to end needs to make a comeback. Some amount of shamed is good. We shame people out of smoking and into into wearing seatbelts we shame them at littering and most of them at a racism. Shame is the first step in reform. It's goats people into saying. Maybe i can do better as opposed to. I'm always perfect away. I am how dare you. We need to start aiming higher as a country. This is a good place to start. We can all keep pretending that healthcare of care is an issue between you and the government but it's really between you and the waitress. It's not just about out being able to see a doctor. It's also about being able to see your dick show tonight at the orpheum the kamar john the lady joe walsh the only episodes of real time with bill maher every friday night at ten or watch him anytime h._b._o. On demand for more information log on h._b._o. Dot com..

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