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Slash ESPN backwards. Sportscenter allnight on ESPN radio. I'm Jim bask. Well, before Alabama and Clemson the last time to team started and ended the season one two in the AP poll with two thousand five southern cow was number one until losing the Texas and Vince young and the national championship game. So are you tired of the tide and Tigers on this stage? Curve street isn't gonna go. I guess it depends on who you're saying. I'm I'm a fan. Instead of excellence in right now these two teams are at the top of the heat. We could have told you in August. If we said, we were sitting around talking who do you guys going to be staring at the end, we would have probably almost ninety percent of us would have said Clemson and Alabama probably going to be there because they have the best teams and Mike here. We are those are the teams that have advanced it's your college football fan. Just like if you're an NFL fan or a college basketball fan, or whatever you're a fan of I personally, I don't even care who is on the field. It's great. I like competition. I'm guy like that. I I like to watch teams go at it. And if they playing for the first time, the fifth time the th time, I I enjoy it. So I think there are people that are making a point about it'd be nice to have other teams. I get that. I can appreciate that. You know, you have to beat these teams in order to be able to get there to eliminate Alabama. To eliminate Clemson both these teams had scares. I mean Syracuse almost Clemson scare almost beat them. In-depth? Sally, Alabama went down in Atlanta against Georgia. Georgia almost beat them. They up twenty eight to fourteen and Jalen hurts was a hero that day. So both these teams had some scares. But at the end of the day, they're the two best. And if you're a cynic and your conspiracy here is visible. You live on Twitter in your opinion. The ask you probably don't like this guy. Let's get you caught up on the NFL coaching carousel. The jets have interviewed former dolphins coach Adam gays for their vacancy. They also interviewed chief offensive coordinator. Eric b enemy on Wednesday. John Elway meeting would Steelers offensive line coach Mike munch for the Broncos vacant position. And he'll meet with patriots linebackers coach Bryan floors as well as bears defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio floors. I candidate to interview for the dolphins job. He's been a Pat system for the last eleven seasons. Brown interviewing saints tight ends coach Dan Campbell. He's the fourth candidate interviewed by Cleveland who fired Hugh Jackson during the season teams looking to hire a head coach this offseason might want to consider those from the Bill Walsh. Bill Parcells coaching tree is a dozen such coaches have work with the bills this post-season get up. Bills yen all twelve of the head.

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