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Kamila Harris. Come on. Kamila Harris has been not not only most recently she's been telling a lie for years. And of course, he's a politician. That's fine. She is she is, anyway. Feel how you feel about her comma. Harris has been telling a story about her child. She was an activist, even then, strollers in her book, she told the stories through a strollers I view Of the protests that you would attend in Oakland, California. And he told stories about falling out of her stroller. And then talking to her mom. And telling her mom, this is in 2010, and she's talking to NPR. I'm happy You left me like a block. But there you go on that my mother tell a funny story about how like one day she did. And I was fussing and, you know, And so I'm fucking bus And she okay, if you know anything about speech patterns, this woman is lying through her teeth. This is this is how people speak when they like buzzing and you know, And so I'm fucking in class. And she is much cuter when she would tell the story. But she'd say so. Then she would look down. I mean, come on. What do you want? What do you want, and I look back. Company, and I said freedom. Yeah. That story was stolen wholesale from the 1965 Playboy article with Dr Martin Luther King, where he told that story about a young girl that was getting harassed by a police officer. And he asked her what she wanted, and she said freedom. Now this is 2010 isn't the only time she said that Here she is. She is with this is Jimmy Fallon. Person and and she said calmly. What do you want? And I said, and this is how she would say it it and you said calmly. What do you want? And I said, tweet him no doubling and tripling down and also went in and Elle magazine article where she give the same account for the same story. Well, look, my mom's will keep repeating life European allies so often enough, it's the truth. Remember, this is a media who loved to talk about Donald Trump's lies. I guarantee you they will not ask Kamila Harris this quick. And they will not pull up that interview from 1965. And this is Alex Haley to the guy that wrote Roots who interviewed Dr King In that interview that Playboy interview Mike was talking about This is the great Dr King. This isn't some I don't know, Knockoff story from from some smaller figure in the civil rights movement. This is the guy that is the face of the civil rights movement. And, you know, because I come this is the thing. It showcases so much about our politics. They're trying to make Kamila Harris into this heroin. Of this amazing feat. The entire story of her is made up. Go back to the very beginning. It goes back to the early days. She wanted to get on some kind of special committee assignments in the city of San Francisco and She happen to have a little affair with the mayor at the time? San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown So he was the one that appointed to do these two special commissions. Then she became the prosecutor remember exact timeline when she started putting all kinds of people in jail for marijuana, which now she's opposed to great, so she rose to fame fighting the crime that she says she's supposed to now putting people behind bars. The whole thing is just about power. It's a fake story. And people are buying it because I don't know we want something to believe in. I don't know what the deal is. There are better people than this to actually believe in then the false cities of Kamila Harris absolutely there. And Emanuel Cleaver, who's just too much of a fraud, apparently is is he said he's doing they're conducting the prayer yesterday. Remember this. The end of the prayer with Men and a woman. And of course, then that was followed by Hakeem Jeffries in the Democrats legislation to eliminate all gender pronouns from any house legislation. Yeah. He was asked today about exactly why he was why he ended the prayer. That way you said to take him to task. Why I'm talking to God on behalf Congress asking for unity and so forth, asking God to give us that strength to do that. I'm glad that he appoints himself. Number one. I was talking to God. About how second guys me. That's what I was doing. Yes, yes. Uh, he's still doesn't. You didn't answer the question. Why'd you end it with a man and a woman when Amen is a Hebrew term? No, that's something people want to see that week and I decided. No, we look for opportunity to be outraged. Okay, So now it's people in society. Just simply look for an opportunity to be outraged. We take prayer kind of seriously, especially when you want to use the whole gender weirdness that you've got going on in your party. You want to use that in prayer, you would take a little seriously ended the print by saying Amen. Which it is that the Hebrew comes from Hebrew Group word on there a lot of definitions of it, But mainly, it's interpreted to be a true or Maybe things like that things like that. What happened happened was, Yeah. I'm obviously the guys the guys he got busted for doing something stupid and he's doubling, tripling down on it, he says, because there was a record number of women. Trying to recognize the record number of women. Oh, now in Congress, president, Females chaplain for us, said a woman. Oh, because there's a female chaplain. Now that was a you know. Hold on, Mike. I'm not really the religious type. I don't go to church. But if I were really wanting to shout out the women, I would have asked God to pray for the record number of Women that are now Congress. Women in the United States. That's how I would have done it. He said. He ended the prayer with Amen in the nose. It does I ended, the prayer came in a man. A woman that is ending the prayer with and a woman that is not ending the prayer where they met a man. And a woman and again just trying to just obviously he's getting called out for something stupid that he did, and he's going to say, Well, your your misogynistic if you don't you don't want me to do that. By the way, most of those women are Republicans. It was the year of the Republican women who s so that's a very interesting thing to point out this well. But it just goes to show you He's doing a little backtracking, and we all know it. And you know, I don't know why we pretend otherwise. Here's what we don't need to pretend anymore that we don't have a plan for our kids to get back to school. Ladies and gentlemen, Cathy Hoffman has a.

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