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I think of, I think of Ah Hamburger commercial from the 19 nineties. Very, very, very dicey, very, very attractive Female on board a mechanical horse. Eating I hamburger and a very provocative way. Tell me. Have you checked it out yet? Oh, would you agree? Thumbs up, Thumbs up. Yep. Watching on YouTube if you haven't seen it well, At the time that Hardee's was doing this course you can't do it now. Because that would be objectifying women. No, wait a minute for me was about Objectifying the hamburger. You. That hamburger look good. But I'll tell you what. Andy Puzder was the CEO of parties at the time on Fox yesterday, reminding us that this whole $15 an hour minimum wage thing. It's not a good idea. You can't raise the minimum wage. For these small businesses coming out of a recession. Small businesses are dropping like flies. They're closing every day and the jobs go with him and the people that work at those restaurants there. Minimum wage become zero. You can't shut it down. When you're coming out of a recession. You can't increase labor costs. Bernie Sanders knows perfectly well that nobody's out there making $7.25 an hour. You can't hire an employee for less than 11 or $12 an hour right now, despite what the what the federal minimum wages. This is political, not Jerry mentioned. At Congressional Budget Office reports saying that they lose 1.3 million jobs. That was the median number they said You could lose up to 3.7 million jobs, and a report came out on Monday of this week, looking at the research on the minimum wage by the National Bureau of Economic Research again, a nonpartisan group, and they said it kills low way judge So you're gonna kill small businesses. You're going to kill low wage jobs. You're gonna hurt American workers. Sanders knows it. This is political. I don't even think they actually want to pass it. I think they prefer If Republicans prevented it. We'll see. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm hungry. 6 51 this time for traffic.

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