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It's should also just just give it to the close close. -ployees store. Have employs the us. Yeah. Just come on JC Penney. JC Penney is trying to reinvent itself. Again. It's getting rid of appliances and most furniture to return its focus to clothing sales. The company hasn't turned a profit since two thousand ten and it forecast. Several more years of losses. New CEO? Jill Soltau pledged quote, quick action to put JC penny on the path to profitability explained to me JC. Penney hasn't been profitable in two thousand ten but last year, they did this whole thing with influencers Jacques Panay, and they literally paid influencers upwards of fifteen thousand dollars. Maybe that's why they're in the tank shock Panay. That was a good idea. They wanted to do like a fancy store so they made a joke. Benny. JC penney. It didn't like target for great. Right. Fucking love. Don't you think? JC? Penney doesn't have any good brands in it. Nobody's it's like like like, what is she C penny gives me that. I can't get cells. Yeah, they were selling appliances. And now enclosed, but they're taking out like all the kitchen stuff. So it's going to be clothing store. I literally didn't even know you could buy microwave at JC Penney. I thought it was just a penny. No. I thought it was just a retail store like for clothes. It's going back to what I already thought. It was it was like no one's like old school Sears, you know, back in the day. You should see your situ washer dryer all your give it when I think of Sears. I think appliance on t shirts. See this problem, they need to rebound because when I think of J C Penney including I think more like TJ Maxx, they need just a new name. It's a terrible name. Maybe they should call it. But it seems just do. Oh penang. Then it sounds like a cheap story something. Oh, yeah. Oh, Yep. yeah. Look a dollar store. Just a. They could JCP now when it comes to topic HPV. And also when it comes to like having names of stores be like initials. It's never good. Yeah. BJ's? Celebrate. Jason betcha. Never been. I think it's like WalMart. I think it's tedious, right? A BJ's superstore. Yeah. It's like a like a shitty, Sam's Club. I dunno. Tim's called. They don't have any. Okay. Say it's like a shitty, Costco. Oh, scholars go. Lions LJ's. Nari. Cool. Have you? Electron ix. But I'm pretty yeah. It's Costco's king. Then Sam's Club them BJ's. Got it. Okay. Yeah. Then walmart. Oh, but I'd like WalMart. Walmart price match guarantee. Are you really away? I've price matching shit. Claudia for like a TV? Yeah. Rollover layover layaway. No, I don't I was going to the south. So I don't home arts, and I can say that. Okay..

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