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Sim lab. You have an opportunity head over to the sim lab. Production car challenge. You have the opportunity to win one of their p one x sim racing chassis value to the. Around seven hundred dollars. Richard the guys have put up one of those four a random race participant for season three and one for season four as well. So the more you race the more opportunity, you have I have one of their triple monitor mouths. It's rock solid Kevin, you said they've helped us at some trade shows, and they put together some of the best. Yeah. We hope to be used working with them again at the summarizing expo this year. Looking forward to it. Stock NASCAR adenoma bogey-bogey. Book day, one last time, DWI Darrell Waltrip, Colin his last race. And Kevin you, you had some interesting thoughts on that. And how on on your, your thoughts on his call out? Well, let's call out is obviously his signature. I think he's done a great job over the last one nineteen years, or so, obviously a legend in the car as well. You know, I, I don't I have to say I wasn't all that excited about his call, when he started it, but it certainly it grew on me and he'll be missed in the booth. He provides an interesting perspective, and he's got quite the personality. So I'll certainly miss him listening to them on the booth. No doubt in d-w, basically transformed the way that NASCAR broadcasting was from the very beginning, of course, the first race that he called the two thousand one Daytona five hundred was notable for some very different and obviously very sad reasons. But you know the way that he conducted himself in the booth for. Eighteen years the way that he sort of fashioned himself as a voice of the people as a voice of the common NASCAR fan. You know obviously a three time NASCAR Cup champion. But still, the voice of the common fan, you know, was an important part of those broadcasts and something that, you know, I'm sure that a lot of fans are, of course, gonna miss there's plenty of talent in the booth, you know, Mike joy has been a legend in calling races for years. I loved Jeff Gordon's edition, a few years ago, I think Jeff does a great job. And I know that they're going to take up the torch and whoever joins them in the booth. I'm sure we'll be another fantastic addition. But it'll certainly be different not to have d-w on the Mike for the first half of the season from now on absolutely. Now actually moving onto the race. Martan-chu Rex comes through and comes through and gets the victory Kabushiki second, they're using the care so lay out for the first time since I think it was nineteen Ninety-seven. We saw some interesting passing opportunities think pretty much. Everybody had a, a dent in their front bumper. I saw the the. Video of Kyle Busch throwing the ice bag out the window. That was pretty good. But some good racing. Nascar guys proving that they are becoming more and more proficient on these road courses they become more prevalent than the fans want to see it. You know, we've got the Charlotte robo coming up later this year. So you can't just be a mile and a half expert anymore. Because the way the NASCAR schedule is working out. You've got to be proficient with short-track superspeedway smile and a half and turning right at road courses, so cool to see how that's going to play out, especially once we get onto the chase. Moving into any car at road, America. I got my wish Alexander Rossi gets the W called it. He's called it last week. He's a he's been had momentum since Indy for those of you new to the podcast. I've been kind of a fan boy of Rossi's since he showed his displeasure in a very animated fashion of a lap car, kind of holding him up with a fist in the air at two hundred thirty miles an hour, going into turn one my hero, but wrote America does not fail to deliver another great race. I turn five the downhill going in that tight left corner. Had a notable number of people go off their cited pageant. Oh, he's pretty good won the Indy five hundred her to win off their twice. Scott Dixon, Marcus Ericsson allot of people coming in a little bit hot anybody. That's run that track in real life or in the sim. It's deceptive Kenan, it's a really hard corner. You'd think it's just get on the brakes and and and turn. But you whatever car you're in. You're maxed out on speed and your your, your breaking point is not where you're think it's going to be. I've gone off multiple times in the sim there for sure. But Dickson had the driver of the race when you agree. Yeah. I mean after going off early in the race and then bringing it back he there's a reason he's a series champ. Guy can dry. He can drive a little bit. He's got some skills behind the wheel, but there were some really cool racing. The hurt on Hinchcliffe on the last lap. Rossi checked out said by but heard Hinchcliffe on the last slab hurt a gallon went off track again, I think that was a third time. He did that but battling for second third place just some good racing though. Chris, you got a big smile interface. I think you're a little jealous of Colton hurt his job, Greg, because you seem to pick on them a lot. Well, you know, if you drive like that, I can appreciate it aggressive driving. I don't like it when you start affecting other people's racist. Whether it's in real life, or whether it's an IRA sing. Trying to keep it clean. He's nineteen years old. You know, like you said last last week, not even old enough to drink yet. He's in command of a rocket ship. You know, maybe a little tone. It down just a little bit a little bit of patience, and he'll learn with time it makes it exciting, though, makes it fun to watch is definitely fun to watch moving into time, Jesse and the dick trickle ninety nine of and looking forward to saying that all day. Chris. Yeah. Greg, which, by the way, is not an arc race as you so incorrectly. Identified it on Twitter, come on. If you're gonna call me out for being in Arca fan boy gonna call you out when you get the series, Rochet, Touche, Touche, nice super late model race up there in Wisconsin awesome to see time. Jesse take another checkered flag. I mean he has been he's been having a great season. So far couple of Arca victories. Now moving back to the super late model getting a win and second place. We talked about him a bit last week one Johnny solder who had a little forced break from the truck series gateway. And I think that segues pretty well into us discussing that truck series race because we had a pretty fun story. Out of that. Yeah. We last week Ross Chastain, disqualified. We talked about it on the podcast really hurt. His chances of getting into the in the play offs. What does he do come back just a win again? I don't care. You guys remember that? Poster Johnny cash where he's just flipping very angry middle finger. That's how I envisioned Ross Chastain right now. Oh, you're going to take my win for me. All right. I'll just get another. It's cool. Plenty more raises for me to win. Right. That's a great attitude has a racer move on. Right. Put it behind you. You know, mistakes whatever it happens. But you gotta move forward. You can't do well on it. So good for him from being able to just focus and get it done. F- keeps the momentum going forward. He check the box for getting the race win to get in the playoffs. He's got to move into the top twenty looks like he's going to easily do that. So excited to see how that season plays out. There's definitely been some high drama. It's got my attention. I haven't really followed trucks in the last couple of years. And now I I find myself checking checking going calling him for the championship this year calling it right now. It's june. Big shot. Moving into the week ahead. We have the throwing goad shellings time attack series that Kevin and I started what started off, as just an intra of intra office lunch bet has turned into a full blown series on IRA sing. For those of you that are not familiar with the throwing go challenge. It's pretty simple. We have a dartboard in the office that has every car in the service on it on Friday mornings, Kevin comes in throws a dart and we immediately take whatever car, it lands on and go to the tourist Fardon version of the North's life. And you get one lap. No out lap. No practice baseline, set a baseline setup afternoon. If you want to know the specs, just go, look at the time, it's ax series and every time you're you get an ink. It's a ten second penalty every time. But if you've been the car, you have to bring it home. And so we find ourselves driving, a, a little more carefully. When you say second, or thirty second penalty, K remember, these ten seconds on seconds. Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, yeah but. I, I guess I guess I'm pleased to announce that there was an upset this week. I'm really pleased what happened. Greg pulled out the win. I, I think I had him on on raw pace, but too many incident points for me, so that hurt. But I'll tell you the I don't have a lot of experience driving that car, I did forget a couple of settings on the car and. You forgot to map the R s. I would say that I got caught out in the carousel that I just got flung out of the carousel and not car. I don't think I've driven many ground effects cars like that. You know with the big wing through there. So I I was surprised in. I think Greg was smiling when he heard me screaming in the pod next to him. It's pretty funny because I'm racing in VR and Kevin's racing on a single screen, so he started probably twenty seconds before me, but then he had this tendency to verbalize. What was happening in his lap? So I was using the strategy. So when he said he got thrown out of the carousel I just decided not to take care of cell, and that seemed to help it was a really close race on raw pace. Kevin was at six minutes, thirteen seconds, I was six minutes, seventeen seconds, but he had one x which caused him ten seconds. I did it clean. Congratulations. Mind. It victory is yours. Two to one in the overall standings. I think, but if you go look at the time tax series we're getting our butts kicked. That's a given. That's a given. Hey, it's still a fun, fun project. It's, it's cool to do it. You know, we talked about it in the last couple of podcasts, the pressure that you feel at least I feel when I sit down with throw the dart we sit down load the track. So, you know, that's the only time you have to think about it while the Nurburgring loading. You hope you have a slow computer, so you can think about. But that's it. And then you go and, you know you go into the first high-speed corner, and you're like I don't know how how this car is going gonna stick, you know, I don't know wearing to break in this car. So you, you spend the first half a lap trying to figure out the car on that track. It was really cool too, because a couple of other people from the office game in that afternoon and gave it a shot. Andrew Adamson is quick, and he after doing the twenty four hours Nurburgring knows the track very well. And he just takes off, like a bat on a hell and next thing you know, he, he makes a small mistake and ends up flipping off the course and going out of bounds. But eight. Was talking trash when he saw a times, he was he was thinking, but he got a DNS. Oh, we beat them. So Doug hunt who is not quick, admittedly. Not quake decides the jumping he's like I'm just gonna putt around and fourth year instead of time so I can beat drew in crashes. Three corners out and gets meet our he flipped the car over and could not get it righted. And so Doug. The NF DNS, but he didn't get bragging rights over drew who's really looking forward to that. Next up. We got the portion east sports SuperCup at the Glynn just like IMSA. This race is really tightened up between, Josh and Mitchell Jong. Mitchell's are featured driver this week with the in car camera. But this it looked like this series was almost.

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