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The broad array of legal issues affecting charities trade and professional associations international ngos and other nonprofits. That's a lot of clients jeff as well. We'll talk about that. Jeff is one of the nation's leading nonprofit attorneys and is also an accomplished author rusher and commentator on nonprofit legal matters. He is frequently called upon by major media outlets to provide commentary on news stories involving nonprofit legal issues and developments and has served as an expert witness in several court cases on nonprofit legal matters learn more about jeff the firm and his practice on this episode of the managing partners podcasts. What's up jeff eric. Thanks for having me. That they were the intro. That was really good. Actually this is probably our best intro ever and where everyone who's watching jeff. A really really really helped craft this one. I really liked that. Last part onus still editor. Cool with it i i. Actually i get the sense that you do. A decent amount of marketing. Which is what we like to talk about here. Marketing and how marketing can grow a law firm. We'll get into that but tell us a little bit about yourself what you do. Maybe some of the clients not by name of course but just kind of give us an overview of what wasn't covered this intro sure gladly on the keep it brief so i have been an attorney in private practice in washington. Dc for twenty five years all of it. Exclusively representing a nonprofit organizations primarily outside general counsel dealing with a very broad array of all the different legal issues. So i'm not a litigator. More of a kind of an outside general counsel providing advice in counseling guidance on a very broad array of legal issues. I spent most of my career. Nineteen years of charing nonprofit practice at a large national law. Firm called venable Beginning of last year. I started my own firm. Tenenbaum law group with another attorney and our assistant. We've since added a third attorney last month. We are a boutique. Based in downtown washington dc focused exclusively on the representation of.

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