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Adler as rv tv for you hd quality some you're watching right now if you're watching on our btv also don't fake news recap of university grabbing her degree in common sense and welcome back mr bill bubba bussey about what about it well and then we'll kind of shut this down until something new happens but you're watching president trump he he is furious at at muller even though it's clearly spelled mueller is it mueller muller i mean it's clearly mueller is there the smaller it is muller early smelled mule i'll give you that okay i'm calling him mueller is his daddy called the mueller and that's but the fbi has rated president trump's personal attorney michael cohen and trump is calling this an attack on our country saying that and of course he's he's blaming jeff sessions again for recusing himself he keeps going back that i wouldn't be in the situation if jeff sessions had not recused himself the russian pro has somehow found its way to stormy daniels i i don't know but he said this is a witch hunt that is constantly going on and now we've asked the question because we could be wrong i mean we we may not know is this something that is allowed in our country for your personal attorney to be rated and people confiscate stuff that in my very elementary understanding of client privilege is supposed to be information that no one is supposed to be able to have without your permission but other than you in your lawyer i thought now maybe wrong that they were investigating the lawyer because remember he came out and said i pay hockey right it may be that they're investigating him and not so much his client that what he paid her off yeah but that what time to her though but that's not what his mission was an investigation i mean we're chasing i'm like looking at parking tickets well right what you're saying is why do we care if if mueller muller has had.

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