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Now the synergistic blend of those three ingredients in this formula. You put it on about 30 40 seconds after the youth blast. And that kind of access a sealer also to keep the youth blast from leaving the tissue, along with the benefits of bright ning firming and hydrating. Those are profound and then you can put whatever moisturize you want over that. So it's really just a three part thing that you've glast see youth and then their hydration. But also the benefit of the vitamin C naturally, has 20 SPF in it, so it doesn't have a chemical sunscreen in it. But the blend of those three ingredients has been clinically proven to prevent sun damage, so that's important, and that also helps lightning. Pigmentation also, and and let's talk about the you know, Let's talk about the heavy hitter in this, you know, we know about the benefits of CBD and we know about the benefits of CBD. For internal, you know, taking it internally how people have how they have felt on a regimen when they are able to have CBD oil internally but externally on the skin. This is something that is so profound. The research is showing correct. The impact of this is organic CBD. This is high. High quality CBD oil that and there's no. You know, there's no THC or anything like that. You're not putting that on your skin, but the CBD is organic and talk about The the ingredients in this particular aspect, the ingredient of your CBD oil for the skin. And what does CBD oil do for the skin? Okay, So let me preface by saying CPD is not hip. Most products out there for systemic and topical. You'll see what's called hemp. And this may just from the leaves. So the fighter took a nap. Annoyed, which I'll explain in a moment and the various, um Whole point. Proteins are not in Hamp. It's like the shake of the marijuana plants. So in brief, this is CBD. Wanna one? You've got the marijuana plant, which has the flower, and that's what the THC comes from. There's like 98% THC. In the marijuana plant as a as opposed to 3% CBD. So then you take its cousin, which is hemp, and you've got The core of that with all the fighter Canavan oId, which means C b g CBR CBN. There's all these other variables that's made from the whole plant. That's the key it's made from the whole plant. And the way it's made is also imperative, which means that it's cold pressed. So there's so many I mean, we're talking about the skin care alone, but it still stands to the same benefits of taking a whole planet product. When you take it systemically is that you want the it's called full spectrum. So you want the whole plant and then you want a cold press which mine is so it doesn't degrade. The ingredients, like most skin care products that have CBD in it. It's not organic number one. It's heat extracted, so it dilutes and degrades. Whatever the benefit is, If there is any and most of it's what's called them isolate, so it's chemically. Transformed, so it's a lot less expensive. These big, huge manufactures. I'm a good tea company, so you know it's it cost more to produce it. But the efficacy and the end result is so superior. So what it does the CBD topically for the skin activates what's called your Endo Canavan oId system. The same is true when you take one internally, but for the skin, it literally turns on all the repair mechanisms to heal your tissue. So again. It brings your skin back to home. Leo Stasis it takes, you'll see after one time 11 application, If when you get the product, you put it on one side of your face first, and you take a picture or even just look in the mirror. You'll visually see a complete change in the tissue instantly and then a month out two months out its profound changes. That the topical aspect of the C youth is really affirming and a bright ning treatment. It does have hydration ability and especially when it's synergistic with the youth blast, but its main benefit Is firming and tightening. So the youth blast you've got your hydration. You've got the repair it of mechanisms and then the topical See youth just adds and brings that to a whole new level. And it's also my understanding that this the sea youth, which again everybody is going to be getting a bottle of this, and it's in a glass bottle. This is also really important. A swell, you know, plastics are not the way to go when you're talking about such pristine ingredients that have been carefully sourced and organic. You want to make sure that it's in that glass bottle, but it also it is my understanding is that it helps enhance the body's ability to create New healthy skin cells. Now this is really important when we're talking anti aging right because ah 100% its own cells. It is very true. But like I said the two together because the youth classes going systemically to create that same dynamic off homie, Oh Stasis, but the cell turnover from the C B deep optically. Like I said, it's like a switch that turns on all those mechanisms for enhancing the cell turnover, but The two other ingredients. Help that to vitamin C specifically also so if feed your skin cells to regenerate. Oh, my goodness. OK, I can hear I can hear the zeitgeist of the listeners right now Going. Give me the damn phone number already. Christine. Okay, So here's what we have on the table for you for a mirror. $200 donation to this station to, uh, to bring you the voices like Renee Lin, who are educating you on something that's actually really important. It's not just vanity. Not, you know, You know when you feel good about the skin that you're in how you interact differently with your spouse, How you show up to work differently If you're someone like me, I do a lot of stuff on video. I'm on camera. I'm I'm not afraid to say I'm gonna be 57 this year. Look amazing. Look, Thank you, darling. I'm looking into your neck. Oh, my God. Also both of these products go on your faith and neck. It is transformative. I'm looking at your neck compared to a year ago. Looks like he had a neck lift. I'm not joking. I didn't have surgery. I didn't have any down time and it has spent thousands of dollars. That's amazing. And we don't want our listeners to have the same kind of results. So you don't have to spend thousands of dollars. You don't have to go into the knife. Don't do that. Pledged $200 and get the youth blast anti aging skincare pack. Included.

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