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Believe this but this isn't quite possibly one story. I've never talked about before. And you'll see why. But i wouldn't talk about diapers today. Ooh baby baby. And i'm not talking about like the kind i wear so i can p freely on trampoline love. Yeah you know what. I mean your. What are you gonna do jump from there into directly bathroom now. Used to climb down the works. I'm talking about diapers for babies. Just to be clear and bright. I know it's been a while but babies are those like cute little things that make gurgling sounds but have really underdeveloped underdeveloped perception right of course timeout easy to trick so easy. If you gonna trick somebody find a baby there so stupid. So we've all seen the family friendly masks that the gop wear so. It's really confusing. That they wouldn't have dealt with this problem then. We're talking about today. Which is a huge issue Just to be clear about what. The government doesn't do federal aid for people living below the poverty level which is one of nine women or over thirteen million women. Federal aid does not cover diapers. As a matter of fact you cannot buy diapers with food stamps. Wick which is a government program specifically designed to help infants and their parents nutrition does not cover them and neither does medicaid. That's insane but it's nothing covers diapers republicans i've never seen one republican standing outside croker handing a single parent with a with a baby a big stack of diapers out. And i'll tell you why this is disgusting and it won't be shocking at all. But it's disk gusting sure. The national diaper bank started this. Partisan discussing the primary to is disgusting. You'll know it when you hear it. The national diaper bank. Oh you do. Yeah i do i. What are the checking tears again. They have infant toddler elderly adult. There's nothing in the middle. Absolutely no young adult no did no young adult absolutely. Yeah absolutely why do they. Why do they why. It's kind of redundant to say elderly adult guy. I guess it's not yeah. I'm not elderly erin. But i'm an adults my god. Don't tell hollywood about this conversation. I'll be typecast forever. Have you removed your age for my md. I haven't done it deliberately. So i don't know if it's on there but i did they remove it all for everyone. I don't know i remember there. Was that like lawsuit a few years ago about that absolutely should be and also by the way. I don't give a fuck what the journalism standards are. You shouldn't put someone's age in a fucking article. I totally agree. Because it doesn't fucking matter it. Does it matters what i mean. It does matter. Shouldn't be like aaron gibson age. Sixty three love cats. My kind of gal all allies even my name. Not even my name have been fooling everyone for years. So republicans don't hear about this. They've watched is the national diaper bank. Also bank distributed one hundred and forty eight million diapers last year. That's twenty twenty massively larger Massively larger number that of diapers that they distributed in two thousand eighteen which was eighty four million. Which is still a lot of diapers. But you see the jump obviously with the code and the the job numbers and the fact that like now more people need diapers and this bank is like providing them. And here's a sentence. I never thought i would say a million years. Congratulations louisiana government for being ahead of the curve for once really. They just passed a law banning tax on diapers and tampons grades. Which is a small help to these single parents and really oftentimes too parents struggling to buy basic supplies for their their babies Okay which country is hostile as they are to abortion rights their if you're going to be against abortion you better have a fuck. This is where. I feel about everything right now. It's like do not come for me before you come for yourself. Thank you please come for yourself first before you come for me. Because if you're not out there hustling to get babies diapers but you're gonna stand in a fucking abortion clinic all day in scream at people for ex for exercising their right. Do you have no legs to stand on your fucking flamingo. And both those feeder out of the water at which is exactly. You're the kind of flamingo who doesn't stand on one foot every other glorious flamingo. You are the david blaine of fleming goes thank you. That's right broad fraud. Funny so funny. So the reason. And and by the way getting louisiana to repeal the tax on these things was a fucking nightmare for state rabs because republican lawmakers were upset and by the way didn't like hide behind any kind of like rhetoric or anything. They were light. But we're gonna lose it eleven million dollars from taxes. We're gonna lose eleven million dollars by the way governor brown the same shit in california when they tried to repeal the tampon tax. This yeah. I was like fine money another way. Yeah okay the only way to get tax money. Find money out of the way. These should never have been taxed in the first place. I no. You're making money off of people who are who can't afford to give you money. Yeah it's absolute so step your calls up okay. This is another joke. Isn't that funny erin. We're from texas not taxes that people from texas say now. I don't know i don't know i was just saying that joke with my the last thing i ever say on. Well it's all. I can think about like with all these celebrities who moved to texas. I'm like there's no state tax. Yeah we're we're all aware role aware all the states that you're like why do people move there have seatac yeah So the republicans obviously through tantrum. But this has this law barely passed. But i think it's it's very clear that the republicans only care about the tax base. That's all they care about. Whatever it is. Except for. I guess i i mean abortion. Same thing like they want more people. They want more people pay taxes..

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