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Damn locks shirts out there like we read the reports to the math like three percent winds up going to the actual. It's a yeah it's oh like salvation. Army reached out to us to advertise on podcasts right and i'm like no no new new new new new. We're would like whatever you need like up until so a limit like we got you. We're not gonna be a match. We're not taking your damn like for you. The united way calls you can eat my bought whole you know. Please don't tell your buddy on toy so anyway magnum p._i. And honestly see my legs are sticking to this chair because i wore the shirts today and the are not as comfortable to sit in as they are to stand in bartending voices remaining amazingly debate it right i i'm pushing it but we have another party f- attract suit out of the success and he said well check sue party was a blast by the way play the joke was. I didn't even need to dress up. That's just how it normally how you normally saturday saturday yeah so that was that was that was pretty pretty amazing. That was one of the better price ever been seven years ago like party must pitchers mustache. Party is like a big deal like seven eight years ago. People were throwing with their houses. The mustache themed parties like that's just too simple we have. We have tom selleck. Let's do a magnum p._i. Party perfect easiest costume ever tiger the lion shirt short shorts boom. Can you be chief hopper you can be. We always have our buddy eric bradley. I always come to our one token token black buddy. It comes to see the rainbow suspenders island hopper shirt. He knows what he's doing. He loves it. He's just like i'm here pictures of them. Have you ever reach selleck about showing up no but you know who lied to us was rosemont. Rose mercedes be tom selleck and take pictures and didn't shy yeah he was pretty pretty. Sauce live but we'd love to have him. Yeah sure having <hes> we we get tom. Selleck doesn't live here. I mean come on. He's living in what we've had. No ooh blue bloods right time. The god damn minutes five minutes des moines. I orange blue. Bloods is on right now. Is that somewhere who has ever had a time of selling lookalike thing going on or we slow to need especially. They should win something. Well all right so then there. Was that <hes> bachelor party. They got thrown out of america park. Okay it was a bachelor party was like thirty guys and and one of them got a beef in through oxidant no which one was which because they're all just like tom selleck so then the next year they had the million magnum march and it has the same night as our magnum p._i. Party oh shit. My girlfriend happened to be there. We all connected so they're called the downriver magnums. They're involved so we got. Those guys involved. There also big big charity guys or downriver magnum snow down ver- mags is what we call down for. Magnum's is <hes> selection in the bathroom. <hes> at flat rock bar returns for the coins in taylor right. That's it you get the horn ready. Spritz of cologne owed the magnum the so we <hes> thicker it started with different deejays we have we been various d._j.'s. We've had nothing elegant the legendary to women out of all miami they're phenomenal. We've had amy and served on it. <hes> we had live band a couple years ago just to try to get things interesting. It's summertime several wants to be on the patio. So even you know. It doesn't look like it's as busy inside. There's a hundred people outside and that hampshire alley patio but last year we had an nip and jimmy flanagan who i see over there in the corner hanging out and <hes> this year because he's going to bring him now he's going to this bare naked ladies <hes> <hes> houdini blowfish oh so he can't do it but replaceable met fox. That's just fine but <hes> having greg net who i knew years ago back when he used to. I work at having nice day cafe and that's when we first met ruggard. No you're who'd i calm darius now only it because we hang out honestly he goes on sports shows all the time and he's fantastic. He's a great guests on the show yeah. I'm gonna custodian always be the dolphins always make him cry is always going to be yeah. You're the joker date skywalker. This jesse makes you guys damn judgmental. I'm always going to be the allstate guy and that's sad yeah. I just said you guys avon oh. The farmers homers insurance guy has an oscar vomit on bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-ba liberty liberty liberty in my head all day long. They're not paying then. You don't have all day long. Eat my shit kia damn as the aug days the party. That's a great question. I know right. It's actually a sixteen. I used to get sixteen sixteen and we have a great get from <hes> ninety three on the river and met fox from everyone and everywhere and awesomeness this podcast holsters podcasters and bob the first we'll give you an extra raffle tickets and <hes> this is one of the most fun parties that we throw every year is the seventh one shirt from the fifth one just for you free shirts means. You're sizes now. Why am i mean our t-shirts. If you sell the logo free hawaii piece. I actually went to the why i'm sorry. They're called aloha shirts and i bought all of zelic. Chinese food is just called foodie china exactly through adam three three x. on the way out all right while on the way out ended out yourself and it's fine. I mean listen. You know buddy go. I'm losing weight but i'm not very i'm gonna call it out or whatever all right well. You look great august. Yeah you live out your ass. The next day is opening day for the second season. The dc f._c. Of the founders cup season is the seventeenth sweet so we'll see two nights in a row so i will <hes> we'll see on u the sixteenth <music> airbnb and ham for the weekend. We're gonna figure something out yeah no more last time <hes> i i look for thousands of that was one of the best ones right by whiskey. They're gorgeous but that was one of the best <hes> parties of urban to the tracks who party and <hes> you guys are doing it for good cause and i love everything. You guys are doing you guys. You're not just partying. You guys are you. You know you guys looking at conrad counter mahjong with all we wanna do. They're great.

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