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We thought his game might have been limited, but we didn't know he went, he's the only guy who's gone into the playoffs. We know how good you are. We know how good you are. You're great. Oh, no. We didn't know how good you were right? It's almost like we forgot how good he was because he was playing like this before the injury and say that Tonio. He really was. But I'm intrigued by this finals because you have a guy going up against a super team. It's, it's Ken. Michael Jordan, take down a super team basically, by himself that's going to be interested. You also have the Kevin Durant storyline. And this is a series that there are absolutely gonna miss Kevin Durant. And he's not going to be playing in game one because historically Steph curry plays Toronto better than any team. But now they're going to put Hawaii on them without Kevin Durant on the floor, and how's that going to go for a guy that historically struggled in the NBA final, Golden State is just a different team altogether. Arden me are go sit outside for a couple of minutes. Oh, trouble. Lameta giving your clear your throat the other direction because you've been a disaster. Okay. I covered him phlegm. So we're not gonna do it. Kawhi leonard. Stu gods? Yes. Is he going if he wins the title, does he become more coveted free agent and Kevin Durant, because, oh gosh, these younger because he's younger if he beat this team to win a title. I'm not certain. He should be more coveted free agent. But he probably will become a more coveted thing. That is breathtaking to me, is what he did defensively to Jaanus. I've not seen. Nobody can slow Janas. He's literally, the only person in the world that can slow Jaanus. There's not another defender that can do it. I mean, what do you do if he wins this title Kawai, he'll have to championship rings, Kevin Durant has none? I mean Kawai Leonard is. Yeah, I guess, yeah, he'll be the prized free agent here coming up in July. What an exciting final. I am super excited for this. You're not what I can't believe Greg, Cody, not excited for what I can't believe, because, honestly, this sport is our most predictable sport. And it qualifies as a huge upset that the to beat the one and now. It's one against two from both conferences. But the part that is amazing to me, Stu gods. And is a legitimate surprise is you remember where the raptors were four games ago as they headed into overtime looking like they were blowing a game. They were going to be down three. Oh. And all of this was going to be about Jaanus. It wasn't going to be about coli Leonard. In fact, it was gonna be about honest so much that we aren't going to even notice that Jaanus was exposed if that ball bounces differently in game three. That's how quickly things change. Oh man. If you're looking at odds makers no matter who wins the championship it would seem as though they're still losing their best player considering what's favored at turns their next team, this is a fascinating final. It's that what's happened with the raptors is interesting just because they were done. They were done. They they're sitting there going into overtime Stu aunt, and he's played fifty minutes. He's hurt. He's clearly tired any takes the series from them in game three by winning and overtime where they'd gone down three like they should have gone down oath three given how they played at the end of the game. Right. We wouldn't be talking about any of this stuff. Instead Canada's going crazy. And Drake's gotta be there that's going to be a great final who's getting his Drake, annoying, everybody or just some of the people he's a great wrestling. He'll I think so. He's annoying pretty much everybody outside of his country. But are you annoyed by it? Or are you enjoying it? I'm kind of enjoying it. I liked what he's kiss gray. Be allowed to. Do that. This is bizarre on every level and thoroughly enjoyable juicy smashmouth come after him. There are a band from Oakland, they call them. Glorified mascot. Smashmouth when after Bryce Harper to very weird because they were getting on him about his contract, and then someone made the point on Twitter's like, hey, did you tell all sorts of go out and get.

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